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Everything You Need to Know About Forex Scam

Forex Trading Chart

 In an era of globalization, the pros and cons are obvious. Businesses and organizations are thriving but miss critical agendas. Unfortunately, this is an advantage for fraudsters. Whenever we hear terms like a scam, fraudulent activity, or someone getting duped, the first and foremost way a person would look; is to find an e-commerce platform to safeguard their interests.

This blog will explain everything about the types of forex scams from scratch and how we can safeguard our interests.

What are scams?

In simple language, scams are frauds, and the master of swindles is a con artist. In past years, fraud rates have been rising at an alarming rate. As per a recent statistical report, external fraud cases have been spotted in the last year. According to some surveyed organizations, around 46% have reported economic crimes such as fraud and corruption. Furthermore, there are many scams in every sector where growth occurs.

What is a forex scam?

Forex is an acronym for foreign exchange. It is a department where currency conversion is a day-in and day-out job. Big businesses, people moving abroad, import and export, trading, etc., require foreign exchange. Forex is a vast sector with many rules and regulations, but some gaps are not filled. Unauthorized brokers have captured this missing space.

Because many such scams create a negative mindset and leave people with plenty of unanswered questions, one of them is ‘is forex trading legit or not?’

Is forex trading legit?

Yes, forex trading is legit. It is not the trading but the brokers. Unfortunately, there are forex trading brokers who indulge in fraudulent activities. With a confidence game, they make a fool out of many giants. Now, you might be thinking, are all the brokers doing this on purpose? Not every broker undertakes fraudulent activities; some are putting the honest ones’ jobs in danger. But, do not worry. When you have a problem, we have the solution. You can visit the Financial Fund Recovery website if you feel that trading with a particular broker is a high-risk factor for you.

All about Forex Trading Scams

For more clarification and to enhance your knowledge of forex trading scams, we will assist you in understanding such frauds, the process, the signs, and the recovery. In this way, we can cover a significant part of forex scams.

How to spot forex trading scams?

When they said ‘prepare for the worst this is what they meant. It is okay to be a pro in forex trading, but what if you would be the next one they are trying to chase? There are many ways to spot trading hoaxes, but the five most used traps are as listed below:

Spoofing or ghosting:

Ghosting simply means manipulating demand and supply prices to gain profit. Whereas, Spoofing is a complex technical attribute that hackers and brokers use. Spoofers create the demand for the share in the trading arena to ensure that traders start purchasing it. This is because of the most fundamental phenomena of demand and supply. Spoofers target to manipulate security prices with the help of bots. It is more like an illusion hence resulting in the dupe.


Tailgating is nothing but front running. It works on prediction, assumption, and predetermined approaches. They fix their game by knowing that this particular trader will place a big order and how it will affect future transactions.

Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes:

The con artists here play with the mindset of people, deviating them from the actual investment. In this Ponzi scheme, they let some traders win high amounts with minimum capital. In other words, they beat their trust, and with word of mouth, they make their family and friends do the same. Once the investors start losing interest, the scammers wind up the plan and steal the money. 

Boiler room scams

In this scam, the fraudsters embark on the need for urgency, and the traders hastily run after the shares that have never been a part of their plan. It is always important to be steady while making decisions. They spread rumors or false news about some unidentified company shares that never existed, resulting in a tremendous amount of money getting seized by the scammers.

Steps to save ourselves from forex scam

Three takeaways to save ourselves from forex scam

1. Literate yourself

Scammers are more intelligent than you, but you can beat them by educating yourself. When you start preparing for such a situation, you can sense if something goes wrong. Grab the opportunity to learn more about forex insights.

2. Enhance your learning in this medium

This is a world wide web; you can find stuff online. Google is never out of information. Enter a word or sentence to start learning. Read, understand and analyze on repeat.

3. Believe in your analysis

Be a believer in your knowledge and analysis. Then, you can build some appropriate points on revealing scams and educate others on the same. Make your research strong so no negative callings can push you off your limits.

We always wanted our readers to be aware of forex scams because foreign exchange includes all sorts of people, including students who are willing to move abroad. Here is a tip that we want you to keep with yourself always. The right structure is expertise only contact us when we get them. A consultant never messages you unless it is an emergency.

On the other hand, scammers contacted you asking for deposits to earn profit. It is an unethical practice. A trustworthy and reliable person will never ask for money.


In a nutshell, we have provided every information that you should know at an initial level. But always remember, if there are scammers, there are recovery firms like Financial Fund Recovery who can aid you. So stay tuned for more information.

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