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How to Build a Killer Magical Samurai from Samurai Build Elden Ring

Samurai Build Elden Ring

Are you captivated by the way of the samurai but yearning to infuse a touch of arcane mystery into your Elden Ring journey? Struggling to blend swift steel with enigmatic sorcery as you traverse through the Lands Between? Fear not! Navigating these ancient warrior paths while wielding powerful magic might seem daunting, but it’s an epic quest within grasp.

Incredible feats await with the Samurai Build—the perfect fusion of deadly swordsmanship and magical prowess. This build allows for a dynamic playstyle that honors tradition yet redefines battle tactics through spellcasting elegance.

In the midst of the confusion of combat, your katana will sing a siren’s song while benefiting from elemental surprises that confound opponents. Step forward; this guide is your key to unlocking a Samurai Build Elden Ring

Discover how—with precise stat allocation and strategic gear selection—your samurai will transcend mortal limits. Are you eager to learn more? Clever minds shall prevail. Let the odyssey begin!

Understanding the Samurai Build Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, the samurai class is a powerful choice if you like to fight with speed and skill. Samurais start with nimble moves and good weapons. They can shoot arrows from far away with their longbow.

When enemies get close, they use their sharp Uchigatana sword to slice them quickly.

This class is great for players who enjoy attacking fast while moving around a lot. You can wear special gear called the “Land of Reeds set” that looks cool and helps protect you without slowing you down too much.

Being a samurai means you are ready to face both strong bosses and other players in exciting battles!

Key Elements to Consider for Building a Samurai


When building a powerful magical samurai in Elden Ring, it’s crucial to consider the choice of gear, stat allocation, and playstyle to optimize your character. Each element plays a key role in creating a killer samurai build that excels in combat and magic abilities.

Choice of Gear

Picking the right gear matters a lot for a magical samurai. Your sword and bow are keys to victory. The Uchigatana, with its sharp edge, is perfect for quick slices that make enemies bleed.

This katana you can get early in the game or find elsewhere if you miss it the first time around.

The longbow lets you stay safe while making monsters come one by one to fight. Shoot from far away, then switch to your Uchigatana when they’re close. Gear like this makes sure a samurai can handle any danger.

Armor keeps you alive longer in battle. You might like something light, such as the Ronin’s Set or White Reed Armor, so you can move fast without getting tired quickly. But remember, even with good armor, dodging attacks is always better than taking hits.

Talismans give extra power too! Things like Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman help block more damage, and Green Turtle Talisman means less stamina spent running or attacking. Mixing and matching these will help you find what works best for how you play.

Remember to check stats before choosing your gear; each piece needs certain numbers from your character to be used correctly.

Stat Allocation

Putting your points into the right stats makes a big difference for your samurai. Think about what makes a samurai strong. They need to be fast and hit hard with their swords. Undoubtedly, you will want to increase your dexterity, as doing so will enable you to wield your katana more quickly and inflict greater damage.

You also need to be tough enough to take hits from enemies. That means putting some points into vigor so you have more health. If you like using magic, don’t forget about intelligence or faith—whichever one powers up the spells or incantations you choose to use.

But remember, focus on what will help your samurai the most in battle!


Your samurai moves quickly and strikes hard. Think of slicing through enemies with your katana or stepping back to shoot arrows from a distance. This playstyle is all about creating openings and using speed to control the fight.

You dodge attacks instead of blocking them, always looking for a chance to hit fast.

You mix magic spells into combat too; they help you deal with groups or tough single foes. It’s fun to switch up tactics on the fly! The Uchigatana Samurai build lets you stagger opponents, which means you get them off balance so you can do more damage quickly.

Next up, let’s talk about gear that makes this smooth style even better.

Recommended Samurai Build

For a killer magical samurai build in Elden Ring, a combination of the Uchigatana, Longbow, and specific armor sets along with powerful talismans is crucial. To learn more about the ideal gear and playstyle for this build, keep reading!


The Uchigatana is a crucial part of the recommended Samurai-built Elden Ring. It focuses on using katanas and the bleed status effect. This weapon excels with either strength or dexterity, making it versatile for different playstyles.

The article provides detailed explanations and recommendations for utilizing the Uchigatana’s ‘Unsheathe’ skill and its associated playstyle in the Samurai Build. Its effectiveness lies in its ability to inflict substantial damage over time through bleeding effects while maintaining agility and precision in combat.

Incorporating this weapon into your build can significantly enhance your samurai character’s offensive capabilities, offering a unique and potent approach to engaging enemies throughout the game.


The Longbow is a solid choice for your Samurai build in Elden Ring. It offers a reliable ranged option to complement your close combat prowess. This versatile weapon provides the “Mighty Shot” skill, which can be crucial in certain situations during your adventures in the Lands Between.

The article will provide detailed insights and recommendations on how best to utilize the longbow as part of your overall samurai build, ensuring that you make the most of its capabilities.

Remember not to underestimate the value of incorporating the longbow into your playstyle and gear choices; it could be the key to turning challenging encounters in your favor as you traverse this dangerous world.


When building a killer magical samurai in Elden Ring, the choice of armor is crucial. The Land of Reeds armor set offers lightweight protection, allowing for effective dodging and sustained endurance investment—perfect for wielding a katana and applying bleeds to enemies.

The Raya Lucarian Sorcerer Set provides lightweight armor with moderate magical defense, making it an ideal choice for intelligence-based characters. For those who favor melee combat and wish to boost Ashes of War effects, the Spellblade Set enhances these abilities while using weapons like the Moonveil Katana.

Similarly, the Black Knife Set offers damage reduction against physical and magical attacks, catering well to both ranged magic spells and melee encounters.


Talismans are crucial for enhancing the magical abilities of your samurai build in the Elden Ring. The Arrow’s Reach Talisman, with its long-range effect and moderate weight, is a top recommendation for empowering your arsenal.

Additionally, the Axe Talisman can be a game-changer given its unique effects and manageable weight. The Rotten Winged Sword Insignia also stands out as an impactful choice to elevate your samurai with its distinct effects and reasonable weight.

When building your powerful magical samurai in Elden Ring, incorporating these recommended talismans can significantly boost your combat prowess and provide strategic advantages against formidable foes.

Samurai Build Stats: Which to Level Up?

samurai build stats

When building your samurai in Elden Ring, consider leveling up the following stats to maximize your effectiveness:

  1. Vigor boosts your hit points, allowing you to withstand more damage in combat.
  2. Strength: Increases the damage output of melee weapons, crucial for close-quarters combat.
  3. Dexterity: Enhances weapon proficiency and agility, impacting your overall combat prowess.
  4. Intelligence augments the power of sorceries, essential for magical abilities and offensive spells.
  5. Arcane: Influences the strength of miracles and talismans, crucial for bolstering support capabilities.

Talisman Choices for the Samurai

To boost the magical abilities of the samurai built in Elden Ring, it is crucial to select the right talismans. Here are some recommended talisman choices for enhancing your Samurai build:

  • Shard of Alexander
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia
  • Millicent’s Prosthesis

Essential Sorceries for a Samurai Build

Enhance the power of your Samurai build with these essential sorceries:

  • Comet Azur: A devastating sorcery that rains down celestial projectiles upon enemies, dealing significant damage.
  • Carian Slicer: Unleash this sorcery to create a slicing shockwave that swiftly strikes foes, making it an excellent choice for close-quarter combat.

Weapon Choices for an Optimal Samurai

The optimal weapons for a samurai build in Elden Ring include:

  1. Uchigatana: This weapon provides a balance of speed and damage, making it suitable for quick strikes and agile combat.
  2. Longbow: A reliable ranged weapon that allows the samurai to engage enemies from a distance, providing tactical advantages in various situations.
  3. Armor: Selecting the right armor is crucial to providing adequate protection while maintaining agility and mobility in combat.
  4. Talismans: Choosing appropriate talismans can enhance the magical abilities and effectiveness of the Samurai build.

Spirit Ashes: Enhancing Your Samurai’s Power

To enhance your samurai’s power in Elden Ring, obtaining and utilizing spirit axes is crucial. These powerful items can be used to imbue your weapons with elemental damage, making them more effective against various foes.

By strategically infusing your weapons with Spirit Ashes, you can significantly bolster your samurai’s combat prowess and adapt to different enemy weaknesses. Experimenting with various spirit axes and their effects will provide valuable insights into maximizing the potential of your samurai build.

Many players find that properly utilizing Spirit Ashes adds an extra layer of depth to their samurai playstyle, allowing for a versatile and formidable approach to combat encounters in Elden Ring.

Whether it’s harnessing the burning power of flame or the destructive force of lightning, integrating these enhancements into your arsenal empowers you to conquer even the most challenging adversaries with finesse and skill. If you’re interested also read about the 100 best anime series of all time.

Embracing the Samurai Playstyle

Enhancing your samurai’s power with spirit ashes sets the stage for embracing a playstyle that wields agility and precision. As a magical samurai, swiftly darting in and out of combat to cast powerful sorceries while strategically engaging foes with swift strikes embodies this unique playstyle.

Embracing this approach requires finesse, patience, and an understanding of when to weave magic into melee seamlessly. By honing these abilities, you can masterfully embody the elusive yet devastating presence of a true magical samurai on the battlefield.

Embracing the samurai playstyle involves blending magical prowess with lightning-quick swordplay; it demands adaptability and finesse from those who dare to wield such formidable might.

Alternative Samurai Builds

samurai alternatives

Looking to change things up? Explore alternative samurai builds like the Rivers of Blood Build or the Moonveil Crit Build for a different playstyle and combat experience. Each build offers unique advantages and can cater to varying preferences in Elden Ring gameplay.

Rivers of blood build

The Rivers of Blood Samurai Build focuses on high dexterity, intelligence, and faith stats to amplify spell damage. This full Arcane build unleashes devastating magical attacks while wielding the Uchigatana and Longbow with lethal precision.

Lightweight armor sets like the Ronin’s Set complement this build, enhancing mobility for intelligence-based characters. Specific talismans such as the Dragon Communion Seal and Magic Scorpion Charm further boost HP, endurance, equipment load, and spell potency for maximum impact in battles.

To optimize the Rivers of Blood Build’s potential, it is crucial to level up intelligence, dexterity, endurance, vigor, and mental stats. The Church of Elleh’s teachings can aid in harnessing powerful sorceries essential for this build.

Moonveil Crit Build

The Moonveil Crit Build is an alternative approach for Samurai builds in Elden Ring, focusing on a magical samurai with high intelligence and dexterity stats. This build recommends utilizing the Moonveil+10 with Transient Moonlight as the primary weapon, emphasizing an intelligence-based approach for spellcasting.

By prioritizing critical hits and optimizing magical abilities, the Moonveil Crit Build offers a unique play style that combines swift combat techniques with potent sorceries. It presents an intriguing deviation from traditional samurai builds, providing players with a dynamic and engaging way to experience the game.

Embracing the Moonveil Crit Build requires strategic stat allocation to enhance intelligence and dexterity while incorporating powerful sorceries into combat. Players who adopt this build can enjoy a versatile playstyle that seamlessly blends swordsmanship and magic, offering a fresh perspective on mastering the art of the samurai in Elden Ring.

Top 3 Most OP Samurai Weapons in Elden Ring

The most powerful samurai weapons in Elden Ring are the Moonveil Nagakiba+25, River’s of Blood, and Cold Uchigatana+25. These weapons boast unique moves that can cause significant damage to enemies. The Moonveil Nagakiba+25 is particularly effective with its exclusive transient moonlight and lunar strike techniques.

On the other hand, River’s of Blood features devastating abilities like Bloody Slash and Seppuku, while the Cold Uchigatana+25 impresses with Glintblade Phalanx Ash of War and its dual-wielding attacks for staggering foes.

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Expert Recommendations for the Best Samurai Builds

Transitioning from the discussion of powerful Samurai weapons, let’s delve into expert recommendations for crafting top-notch Samurai builds in Elden Ring. Understanding the diverse range of available builds is crucial to optimizing your character’s potential on the battlefield.

The well-crafted combination of stats, gear, and playstyle forms the backbone of a formidable Samurai build. Whether it’s an Intelligent Moonveil build or a Bleed Nagakiba approach, each builds benefits from tailored expertise to ensure maximum effectiveness in combat scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now let’s learn about some common FAQs on Samurai Build Elden Ring.

What stats should I build for the Samurai Elden Ring?

To optimize your Elden Ring Samurai build, prioritize allocating points to Vigor, Endurance, Strength, and Dexterity. In the initial levels, it’s crucial to invest in Vigor, as it enhances both your health points and overall defensive capabilities. Neglecting this stat early on in the game is not recommended.

What is the best stat in Samurai?

The primary stat for the Samurai class is strength. Weapon damage, as implied by its name, exclusively affects our weapons and provides the most substantial individual damage boost compared to other stats. Strength is present in all gear we can equip, eliminating concerns about mistakenly choosing gear with an incorrect main stat.

What is the best early gear for the Samurai Elden Ring?

For early gear in Elden Ring, consider acquiring the Godrick Soldier set, which stands out as one of the top armor choices. Obtainable early on, this set offers fundamental statistics and boasts considerable weight, excelling in defense. It proves to be a reliable choice that can serve players well throughout their adventures in Limgrave and beyond.


In conclusion, becoming a formidable magical samurai in Elden Ring involves strategic gear choices and stat allocation. The recommended Uchigatana and Longbow combo provides versatility in combat.

Leveling up the right stats, like strength or dexterity, is crucial for the Samurai build’s effectiveness. Embracing the playstyle enhances the overall experience of playing as a magical samurai.

Have you considered exploring alternative builds such as the Rivers of Blood Build or Moonveil Crit Build for added variety? By implementing these expert recommendations, players can master the art of being a powerful magical samurai in the Elden Ring.

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