Writing Your Essay Last Minute? Here Is How You Can Complete

We all promise to finish the pending essay as soon as possible. Starting the work early and finishing it within time.

However, the procrastinators we are, we never learn!

Here you are, procrastinating again, trying to learn the tricks of finishing these essays as soon as possible. We wouldn’t suggest that you be on your phone now and immediately start writing.

However, if you are here to understand how to stop procrastinating and write your essay at the last minute, then we promise this will be your last article. After which, you will shut your phone, throw it aside and work more on your pending essay. 

If it is getting too much and you cannot handle the pressure, then you can professionally help this time and avail excellent custom writing services.

How to Stop Procrastinating?

Procrastination is like poison to all of us. Because of the ample choices we get, we are constantly distracted. So, here are some of the tested ways in which you can stop procrastinating before you start writing your last-minute essay.

– Have an intensive schedule for the day. This is when you even schedule some of your breaks and do not waste a single time doing things that are not really scheduled.

– Find a place among nature. Either go to your terrace, open a window and let some air in, or sit around your patio. Nature always calms your mind and makes you more mindful. This will keep you less distracted.

– Do not sit in an area full of distractions. This is when you have your television, bed, or gaming console around. You wouldn’t be able to discipline your mind with all these distractions.

– Start with a small task, and divide the work throughout the day. In this way, you wouldn’t get overwhelmed. Disinterest in a task is the first and foremost reason for procrastination. 

How to Plan An Essay Last Minute?

Here are some of the common and well-known ways in which you could help you finish that essay last minute, and also keep the quality in mind.

1. Stop Panicking

Yes, if you are anxious! We get it!

However, this is not the time to panic. Before you start with your essay. Take a deep breath, and be a little mindful for a few minutes. Make up your mind to finish it with all your determination, and get yourself completely into the topic.

Calculate the time you have from now till you have to submit it, and schedule it well. You must remember that you have to save some time for editing as well.

2. Take One Hour for Research

You cannot just start writing; all information is not stored in your brain, and you will need new information for the words to flow. Yes, upon reading this might sound like a waste of time. Give an entire hour for research when you just have five hours to finish a 3-page essay.

However, if you have done thorough research, you wouldn’t be spending any more time browsing the web each time you try to write two words. You will have all your information at your fingertips.

Once you have the appropriate information, you wouldn’t have the lack of it to distract yourself.

3. Create An Outline

After your research, you need to create an outline that highlights all the titles, headings, and subparts that you wish to add to your essay. If you have them ready, it will get much easier to give divided concentration to the matter.

Plus, you will be able to elaborate upon every pointer, which might make your essay better. With this, you are ensuring that the quality is far better. You can give an illusion to your teacher that you have worked on this article for quite some time. 

4. Work Under Deadlines

If you wish to finish this essay, you cannot take a slow pace. This is your time to test your typing or writing speed. It will get easier if you give yourself smaller deadlines. For example, you try to finish 300 words in 30 minutes.

You have your research and your outline, and this shouldn’t be that difficult to finish. However, the deadline really depends on how much you are capable of. The key is to finish the task by the given deadline.

Or else, this deadliness does not make any sense.

5. Clean The Space Out

You do not wish any distraction on the table. This could be something as small as a stress ball or a fidget toy. Keep your space clean and minimum. Literally, lock your phone away if needed, and try to concentrate solely on the subject.

Psychologists believe that a chaotic space is a sign of a chaotic mind, and it shouldn’t be when you have a huge essay to finish. So, start with a clean mind.

6. Have Small Divisions

Sometimes when you look at a 2000+ word essay that will extend to three pages, you are overwhelmed with the idea. This is when the actual procrastination begins. So, the solution is to divide the work throughout the hours in such a way that you are just concentrating on one bit for an hour.

For example, you sit with your essay and think, ‘Now, for the next hour I just have to finish 500 words.’ You keep the entirety of the essay in the back of your mind and do not let it bother you. 

7. Add Things

If you are unable to increase the rod count with just pure information, then add other details within your essay. These will not only help you finish it faster but, at the same time, add quality to your paper.

Some of these common add-ons are-

– Statistics.

– Graphs.

– Tables.

– Quotations.

Anything which is easier to fill in.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Writing!

Now that you have gotten some of the proven ideas on how to write an essay in the last minutes. This should be the end of procrastination.

Stop browsing the internet. You already have all the information which is needed.

Shut your phone, and get to work if you want to finish it by tomorrow


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