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Hindu Festival Diwali Official State Holiday in the US State of Pennsylvania

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Diwali is a Hindu holiday that is celebrated by thousands of people in Pennsylvania. Because of this, the state has made Diwali an official state holiday. The statement was made Wednesday on Twitter by Senator Nikil Saval of the northeastern state.

“All senators agreed that Diwali should be a public holiday. To all Pennsylvanians who enjoy this festival of light and connection: you are seen, you are welcome, and you matter. “Thank you, @rothman_greg, for giving me the chance to introduce this bill with you,” Saval said on his Twitter page.

“Every year, thousands of Pennsylvanians celebrate Diwali, including many people from the 34th Senatorial District,” Rothman said. “Recognizing Diwali as an official state holiday honors and celebrates the rich cultural diversity of our Commonwealth.”

“Every year, the festival of light and connection known as Diwali is celebrated in temples, places of worship, and community centers all over our commonwealth,” said Saval.

It’s a time to think about how light is always trying to win over darkness, which helps us remember why we’re here. This festival should be recognized by the government, and I’m proud to work with Senator Rothman to make that happen,” he said.

My Twin Tiers said that nearly 200,000 south Asian people live in Pennsylvania, and many of them use Diwali as a time to think and get together.

But Senate Bill 402 does not say that businesses or schools have to stay closed on November 12 for the festival.



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