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Screen Time Damages Your Eyes: Signs of Digital Eye Strain

Signs of digital eye strain

We are living in a digital world where all of us have our heads buried in screens all the time. While the devices have definitely made our lives easier, our eyes would beg to differ.

Screen time leads to a number of problems with your posture, mental health, and also the wellness of your peepers.

If you’ve been putting up with blurry vision or headaches lately and wondering what’s causing them, you may be dealing with digital eye strain. It is a common term used for all the vision-related discomforts caused due to screen time.

Children and adults, both are experiencing eye strain as our digital media usage knows no limit.

What is digital eye strain?

As the name gives away, it refers to any type of eye pain or strain from digital consumption. Have you ever felt pain in your eyes after a long gaming session or working at a laptop all day? That feeling is what’s generally described as digital eye strain.

We all feel digital eye strain, some experience it more frequently than others. However, only some of us use blue light blocking glasses to help our eyes. Others opt to struggle with digital eye strain.

Do you want to know why it happens? Well, let’s start by knowing a little bit about blue light.

What is blue light?

Blue light is a part of the visible light spectrum and can be seen by the human eye. It has the shortest wavelengths and highest energy and thus affects our eyes in more ways than any other visible light.

Blue light can be found in the sun and when we are in the sun, it enhances our cognitive functions and boosts alertness. However, the blue rays emitted from our screens are artificial and damaging.

How does blue light affect our vision?

As we have said that blue light has the shortest wavelengths, it scatters when we are looking at screens. As a result, the visual contrast drops, and our eyes strain to see.

Also, the wavelengths are not properly focused in the center of your retina but in front of it. So, the images formed are rather blurry and when your eyes focus hard to give you a clearer view, they run out of fuel and start showing errors and symptoms of digital eye strain.

Keeping in mind the increasing concern about blue light, every optician and eyewear retailer has started to offer a blue light coating on the lenses. While some do it for free, some charge extra cost.

Even if you were to buy a pair of reading glasses, you can get a blue light coating on the lenses and arm up against screen time.

Symptoms of digital eye strain

To find out whether you can blame screen time for your ocular problems, keep an eye out for the following symptoms.

  • Blurry vision
  • Eye pain
  • Headaches
  • Double vision
  • Dry eyes
  • Redness and burning sensation in the eye
  • Eye fatigue
  • Neck and shoulder pain

Problems with your vision may show up in the form of headaches and other physical symptoms. Make sure you contact an optometrist about this problem.

Dry eye is a common problem that may arise due to long-term screen use. If you want to avoid this problem, buy glasses online or offline that block blue waves and keep your eyes safe.

Tips to prevent vision damage from blue light

Even when blue light doesn’t have long-term effects on your eye health, the temporary discomforts can be too much to take. Make sure you follow these tips to guard your eyes against blue light.

  • Wear glasses that filter out 100% blue waves and improve visual contrast for better visual clarity.
  • Blink your eyes as fast as possible. It creates a thin film of tears that blocks blue light to some extent and provides relief to your eyes.
  • Take small breaks and do not indulge in continuous use of digital devices. Taking 20 seconds off from every 20 minutes will protect your eyes.
  • Exercise your eyes so they are able to shift focus and don’t become rigid from looking at the same distance for long durations.
  • Consult an optometrist and see if you need prescription glasses. If you don’t want to wait for your glasses, get same-day glasses from online stores.
  • Have an eye test every two years (1 year if you have refraction in the eye).
  • Take a proper dosage of vitamin A, C, and E in your diet. Every day They strengthen your eye health so screen time cannot damage it.
  • Adjust the contrast in your screen so your eyes don’t have to work hard.
  • Do not work in a brightly or dimly lit room.

Do not leave your eyes vulnerable to your screens. Protect them with blue light glasses and watch over your habits to support your health.

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