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Poker Star Dan Bilzerian Net Worth, Full Bio, and Career Updates in 2023

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

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Dan Bilzerian net worth has an estimated total of $200 Million as of 2023. You might think of Dan Bilzerian when you hear the phrases “living in the moment” or “living life to the fullest.” 

Fans call him “The King of Instagram,” and he is one of the most famous people on social media in the United States. He is also an actor, a venture capitalist, and a professional poker player.

You can either criticize him or be jealous of his amazing life, but there’s one thing you can’t do: ignore him. His lavish, live-in-the-moment lifestyle has brought him a lot of attention, which has helped him earn an impressive $200 million in 2023. Whoever said you couldn’t have a lot of fun and make a lot of money at the same time was wrong.

Who is Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian is an Armenian businessman and poker player famous on social media. On December 7, 1980, he was born in Tampa, Florida, to Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. Adam Bilzerian, who is also a poker player, is his brother.

Dan Bilzerian’s life has always been full of money. His father was a corporate raider on Wall Street, and he set up trust funds for both Dan and his brother Adam. It’s not clear if he used some of the money from his trust fund to pay for his poker career, but it’s said that he’s bet a lot of money.

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Dan Bilzerian Biography

Full Name

Dan Brandon Bilzerian

Nick Name


Birth Date

December 7, 1980

Birth Place

Tampa, Florida, United States



Marital Status





Tampa Preparatory School, University of Florida

Net Worth

$200 Million

Source of Wealth

Poker, Television, Actor, Venture Capitalist


5′ 9″ (1.74 m)


85 kg in lbs – 187 lbs

Dan Bilzerian’s Early Life

Dan Bilzerian was born on December 7, 1980, in Tampa Bay, Florida. In the 1980s, Dan’s father, Paul Bilzerian, was a well-known expert in private equity and taking over companies. Dan’s father is Armenian, so he has Armenian roots. Paul Bilzerian had made himself a $40 million fortune by the time he was 36 years old. In 1988, Paul was charged with tax and security fraud, which was a bad thing. 

At the time, Dan was eight years old. In 2001, the elder Bilzerian filed for bankruptcy, saying he had only $15,000 in assets and owed more than $140 million. Terri Steffen is the name of Dan’s mother. Adam is Dan’s brother, and he also plays poker. At the height of their success, the family lived in a mansion that was 28,000 square feet and had 10 bedrooms. This house was taken away from Paul in 2016 when he moved to the Caribbean to avoid being arrested. 

Before their father was charged, he set up trust funds for both Dan and Adam, according to reports. It’s not clear how much of these funds have helped Dan live the luxurious life he has now or if any of these funds came from Paul’s alleged tax and security frauds.

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Dan Bilzerian’s Career

Dan Bilzerian
Graphics Credit:

In 1999, Dan joined the Navy. Bilzerian went to SEAL training in 2000 and went through two “hell weeks.” However, he was kicked out of the program a few weeks before graduation because he didn’t agree with one of his supervisors. The problem comes from a safety rule that wasn’t followed on the shooting range. Dan went to the University of Florida to study Criminology and Business after he got out of the Navy.

In 2009, when Dan was 29, he started getting paid to play poker. At the 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event, he came in 180th. This would turn out to be his most successful poker tournament that was officially sanctioned. His prize money was worth more than $36,000.

People say that Dan is a very good poker player now. Even though the number of times he has won at official events is very small, he says he has won millions or even tens of millions in private events. 

They were asked to return the money to help pay back the people Ruderman stole from over the course of his criminal career. In the same year, Dan stood up for Alex Rodriguez when he was accused of gambling illegally.

People say that Dan won $12.8 million at a famous event. In a single game of heads-up no-limit hold ’em with bets between $5,000 and $10,000, $10.8 million was won. He went to Mexico right away on a private plane to celebrate his win. He said that just in 2014, he won $50 million playing poker. Also, at least three times, he has lost more than $3 million. He helped start Victory Poker, and Bluff Magazine called him the “Funniest Poker Player on Twitter.”

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What is Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Net Worth says that Dan Bilzerian’s net worth will be around $200 million (£145.4 million) in 2023.

Bilzerian is not only an actor and a social media influencer, but he is also a professional poker player. At the 2009 Poker World Series, he came in 180th place. Even though it might not sound like much, he won $36,000 for it.

Reports say that he hasn’t won much in official events, but he claims to have won millions in private ones. During one of these events, the actor is said to have won $12.8 million (£9.3 million) and then took a private jet to Mexico right after the game to celebrate. He is said to have made $40 million on his own by the time he was 36.

Bilzerian started his business, Ignite International Brands Ltd, in 2019. It sells things like electronic cigarettes, CBD oils, water bottles, vodka, and more. The gambling mogul’s autobiography, The Setup, came out in 2021. It is about his childhood and how he became famous.

Dan Bilzerian’s Acting Career

The popular Instagram playboy has been in a lot of big and small roles in popular TV shows and movies. Dan has had the good fortune to work with great actors like Denzel Washington.

  • In 2013, he played SCPO Daniel Healy in his first movie, Lone Survivor, which was about war and action. This was the start of his acting career.
  • Dan Bilzerian was in three movies in 2014. He played Teddy’s guy in the drama The Equalizer, Cordray in the comedy Cat Run 2, and the handsome man at the bar in the psychological thriller The Other Woman.
  • In 2015, Dan Bilzerian played Higgins in the action movie Extraction, which was called Extraction.
  • Dan Bilzerian’s most recent movie is War Dogs, which is a comedy-drama in which he plays himself.
  • Dan Bilzerian has also been on a show called Risk Takers: Reality Show, which debuted in 2016 and is still going on today.

He can also do a good job as an executive producer. In 2017, he made a new animated show for TV called Blitz Real Hollywood Stories. In the US-made Series, Dan uses animation to tell true stories from his life and talk about the lessons he has learned.

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Dan Bilzerian Earning as a Poker Star

Bilzerian started playing poker when he finished 180th in a World Series of Poker event in 2009. This would be the best poker game he has ever played in a formal setting. About $36,000 was how much he won. He was named one of the funniest poker players on Twitter the next year by Bluff Magazine.

Still, Bilzerian would get some buzz and make a name for himself in the poker world. Bilzerian would become a high-stakes player who said in 2013 that he had won $12.8 million in one night. He also said that the following year, he only played poker and won $50 million.

Dan has proven that he is a skilled poker player. He says he has made millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars in private games but only a few million dollars in official games.

Dan Bilzerian’s Acting Racing Career

In 2011, Dan Bilzerian took part in the Motor Speed War drag race in Las Vegas. He raced with his 1967 AC Cobra in the race. Dan won $385,000 by beating Tom Goldstein. The race statistics show that he could finish the race in 10.74 seconds at an average speed of 133 miles per hour, while his competitor, Tom Goldstein, finished the race in 11.54 seconds at an average speed of 122 miles per hour.

Dan also rode a bike and took part in drag races. Bill Perkins made a bet that he could ride from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, which is about 300 miles, in less than 48 hours. Dan kept his promise and finished the ride in 33 hours without any help from a doctor. He won the bet. For winning, Bill Perkins gave him $600,000 as a reward.

Sources say that professional bike racer Lance Armstrong trains Dan to race for free in exchange for $25,000. The $25,000 goes to charity because Lance Armstrong has a charity for kids and adults with cancer called the Livestrong foundation.

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Dan Bilzerian House

People like Leonardo DiCaprio live near Dan Bilzerian in the Hollywood Hills, where he lives. The house has a big pool, poker tables, and a big garage for his cars. It also has a 270-degree view of the city.

He lives with two goats, a cat, and a $700 blanket that they all sleep on outside. He throws a lot of parties and posts about them on social media.

Dan Bilzerian also has homes in La Jolla, San Diego, and Los Angeles. All of them are very expensive because that’s how he lives. Aside from that, when he travels, he often rents out expensive condos and houses.

Dan Bilzerian Car Collection and a Jet

Dan Bilzerian has a huge number of luxury cars. Bilzerian recently spent $1 Million USD on a brand-new Lamborghini. He also owns a more than $900,000 USD Bentley Continental GT. Here are some of the other cars that Dan Bilzerian owns, along with their prices.

If you think Dan is over the top because he has a lot of cars, you will be blown away by the fact that he also owns his own private plane. This lucky millionaire doesn’t have to fly in economy class.

Car Collection

Prices (USD)

Rolls-Royce Phantom 

$2 Million USD

Jaguar I-Pace 

$150,000 USD

Mercedes-Benz EqC 

$140,000 USD

Range Rover Evoque  

$85,000 USD


$80,000 USD

Dan Bilzerian’s Personal Life

Bilzerian said in June 2015 that he would run for President of the United States. In the end, he gave his support to Donald Trump in 2016.

In August 2018, Dan, his brother Adam, and his father Paul all flew to Armenia to take their citizenship oaths. He went to a shooting range and took shotguns while he was there. The government of Azerbaijan complained to the State Department of the United States. Bilzerian was put on a list of people who are wanted all over the world by a court in Baku.

Dan was there when a lot of people were shot in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017. Several times that night, he had filmed himself and posted the videos to his Instagram. In the first video, he could be seen running away from danger. He said in the second video he posted that “Had to go grab a gun. I’m f—cking going back,” but in his last video, he could be seen going home and saying, “I don’t think there’s much I can do.” The media talked a lot about what he did that night.


Dan went to several schools as he grew up, and in the end, he chose to study Business and Criminology at the University of Florida. But he never finished his degree and dropped out to try to join the Navy SEALs. But Dan failed his training, and after an accident on the range, his firearms instructor told him he couldn’t finish his training.

Dan Bilzerian Love Life

Dan Bilzerian has never been married, but he spends most of his money on the women he dates.

Since he isn’t married, he moves around a lot and doesn’t stay in one city for too long. He owns homes in Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, and Los Angeles, California.

Here, Dan lives a luxurious life with different girlfriends. One of them is Sofia Bevarly, who is also a big name on Instagram.

She is more like a steady girlfriend than one who comes and goes all the time. On Instagram alone, she has more than 1.4 million followers. Both of them have been seen and heard partying together in a lot of different places, including the Virgin Islands, where they were just recently.

Dan Bilzerian’s Social Media Profiles

As of today, March 8, 2023, he has more than 14 million people following him on Facebook, about 1.6 million people following him on Twitter, and about 33.4 million people following him on Instagram.






Dan Bilzerian’s Legal Issues

Bilzerian ultimately sued the makers of Lone Survivor, saying that he was owed at least eight minutes of screen time and eighty words of dialogue for the $1 million loan. In the movie’s final version, his part was less than a minute long and only had one line of dialogue. His lawsuit asked for $1,2 million, which was the amount of his debt plus 20%.

It was eventually dropped because Dan had brought so much attention to the topic, and he is said to have made $1.5 million on his investment because of how well the movie did.

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How Does Dan Bilzerian Spend His Money? 

Dan Bilzerian is known as the “King of Instagram,” and his way of life is both controversial and appealing. He is a playboy and a professional poker player. Floyd Mayweather and DJ Steve Aoki are among the people he hangs out with.

Luxury Architecture says that Dan Bilzerian’s 12-bedroom house in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles looks like a nightclub. Taking a look at this rooftop outdoor space, he has a $1.5 million Brabus Mercedes G63 and a $250,000 Rolls Royce.

He also spends money on different pets. Beatrice and Zeus are the names of his two goats. He has a big swimming pool and jacuzzi at his house.

He has a lot of cars and even a military truck. Dan Bilzerian is in great shape and has a gym in his house. He can spend his money on anything he wants, that’s for sure.

Dan Bilzerian Faced Two Heart Attacks Before the Age of 30

Bilzerian lives a high-class life filled with booze and all the women in the world. This probably has its perks, but his way of life has hurt his health in a bad way. Bilzerian went on a four-day snowboarding trip when he was 25. He didn’t know at the time that this trip would cause him to have two heart attacks.

Then, in 2011, Bilzerian was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism after his heart gave out while he was flying between Maui and Las Vegas for a poker tournament twice in three days. At the time, Bilzerian’s PR person said that his heart condition was caused by the way he lived, which “overloaded” his body.

Why is Dan Bilzerian so Famous?

Instagram is full of people who want to show off how great their lives are. Bilzerian became the kind of person that everyone wanted to be like as he jets around the world. With ties to famous people and a steady stream of hot girls, it’s no surprise that Dan gets so much attention. He has been seen with Post Malone, Mark Wahlberg, Tom Hardy, Donald Trump, and even Tom Hardy. Bilzerian’s guns are also a big draw. He has a huge collection of guns that he likes to try out on half-naked girls in the desert. He plays almost like a video game character, the kind of person we’d all want to be but often complain about in real life.

In the past few years, he has been at the center of a lot of controversies, which has brought a lot of attention to Dan. He is known for girls, guns, and cars, and he also has one of the best lifestyle brands in the booming CBD business.

Some people ask Bilzerian, “How does he get all these girls to hang out with him? Do they get paid?” In JRE #857, Joe Rogan joked that Dan probably “leaves money around the house” for the girls to find. The truth is that Bilzerian probably does pay his models, but why not? A girl has to eat, right? Dan Bilzerian is loved all over the world. In India, people worship him like he is one of their many gods.

Fun Facts about Dan Bilzerian

  • Bilzerian was once sued by the people who made The Best Man Holiday because they said he broke a promise to be in the movie.
  • Dan Bilzerian was in Las Vegas when the shooting happened, and he posted videos of himself to his huge social media account at the time.
  • Bilzerian has said that he can do a 420-pound bench press (190 kg).
  • Even though there are rumors that Dan Bilzerian used to be a Navy SEAL, these rumors have been disproven. Bilzerian did train to be a Navy SEAL, but he never finished.
  • As a member of the Libertarian Party, Bilzerian ran for President of the United States in 2015.
  • Bilzerian has been in a number of movies, such as “Olympus Has Fallen” and “War Dogs.”
  • He likes to use drugs for fun, and he has said that he spends $200,000 a year on them.
  • Bilzerian once tried to buy an NBA team, but he was unable to do so.
  • In 2014, Bilzerian was said to have had a heart attack after he took nitrous oxide while skydiving.
  • Bilzerian has two cats named Smush and Blush. They each have their own Instagram account with more than 400,000 followers.
  • Bilzerian was once kicked out of a Las Vegas casino because it was said that he cheated at poker.
  • In 2016, Bilzerian was sued by a woman who said that during a party at his mansion, he threw her off a roof.

Life Lessons from Dan Bilzerian

1. More Money Equals More Happiness

“Money can’t buy happiness” is a phrase that most of us have heard. Maybe that’s not entirely true, and Dan Bilzerian’s way of life makes that saying very hard to believe. Dan probably has more money than he can spend in a lifetime, and he spends it on whatever makes him happy.

2. Live your Life like There’s No Tomorrow

Sometimes, we don’t go after our full measure of happiness because we’re afraid of what the future holds. But Bilzerian’s story can teach us to enjoy the pleasures of the present and not worry about the future.

3. All Publicity is Good Publicity

From Bilzerian’s story, we can also learn this important lesson. The gambler has a pretty unpopular way of life. He has broken the law so many times that we don’t know how many. We also don’t know if he is a serial monogamist. But all of these problems have made him look better in the eyes of the public.

Dan Bilzerian – Is He the Wealthiest Poker Player in the World or A Scam

Dan Bilzerian is one of the most controversial people in the world of high-stakes poker. The self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” has been known to play in some of the biggest games around. He has almost certainly won some big pots along the way. Considering how the game works, he must have also won some of them.

But Bilzerian has hit a nerve with poker players over and over again when he says that poker is the main source of his wealth. Dan Bilzerian is thought to have a net worth of around $200 million. Did he really get that much money from playing poker?

Even though he says he has won tens of millions of dollars in poker, no one can confirm this because Dan won all this money in super-private, super-secret games.


You now know everything there is to know about Dan Bilzerian. Dan is a poker pro who has made a name for himself and a lot of money through the game. He often plays high-stakes private games with very wealthy people, and he has won a lot of money at some of them. In recent years, these games have added a lot to Dan Bilzerian’s wealth. Bilzerian lived in a Hollywood Hills gated estate with famous people like Sam Nazarian, the son of a billionaire, and Leonardo Dicaprio. He moved to Bel Air, which is also in Los Angeles, after that.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Dan Bilzerian Net Worth

Do you know how old and tall he is?

If you don’t know, you can read this article about Dan Bilzerian’s life, age, height, income, family, and many other things.

How much is Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth & Salary?

Dan Bilzerian has a net worth of $200 million as of 2023. Most of his money came from his work as an American venture capitalist, gambler, and actor.

What is the monthly income of Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian makes $4,000,000 (US) every month.

How Much Money Has Dan Bilzerian made Playing Poker?

Dan Bilzerian has said that he has won more than $10 million in a single poker game and more than $50 million in a single year by playing high-stakes poker games.

How much does a Dan Bilzerian house cost?

Bel Air Mega Mansion is the name of Dan Bilzerian’s home. The house has a total value of $250 Million and is 38,000 square feet.

Was Dan Bilzerian a Navy SEAL?

He used to be a trainee for the US Navy SEALs. He dropped out of training, though, because he broke his leg, and it would make it hard for him to serve in the military.

How did Dan Bilzerian actually get Rich?

How did Dan Bilzerian get to where he is now? Dan Bilzerian played in the 2009 World Series of Poker and came in 180th. Dan says that he won more than $10 million in a single private poker game and more than $50 million in a single year of playing in high-profile games.

What company does Dan Bilzerian own?

Bilzerian is in charge of the company Ignite International Brands Ltd., which sells, among other things, electronic cigarettes, CBD oils, water bottles, and vodka. Ignite is a public company with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada. It started trading under the ticker BILZF in January 2019.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s job?

Dan Bilzerian plays poker and also runs his own business.

What is Dan Bilzerian famous for?

Dan Bilzerian, also known as “Blitz,” is a venture capitalist by day and a high-stakes poker player, thrill seeker, and, more recently, Hollywood actor. As an international playboy, he is known for his high-class lifestyle, love of danger, and carefree attitude.

What is Dan Bilzerian’s Height?

5.9 feet tall (1.75 meters).

What is Dan Bilzerian’s Weight?

85 kg in lbs – 187 lbs

Who is Dan Bilzerian’s wife?

Since the caption said “Best day ever,” many people thought that the two had gotten married. But it turned out that the woman was model Hailey Grice and that she and the man were just at a friend’s wedding. Media outlets had mistaken Grice for Sofia Bevarly, who was said to be Bilzerian’s girlfriend.

Is Dan Bilzerian selling his house?

But sometime in the last week or so, Bilzerian and Ignite quietly left the property and gave control back to the owner, Don Bolin. Bolin confirmed this by phone and text message on Tuesday evening.

How much money does Dan Bilzerian owe?

Many people say that the 39-year-old is not a very good poker player, and he has been criticized for acting like a Casanova, especially with younger women. Also, the company he started is pretty much bankrupt and owes investors more than $40 million.

What is Dan’s Business?

With the brand name “Ignite,” Dan Bilzerian has started a new business. But because money was not used well, the business lost money. The investors have also sued Dan Bilzerian for breaking financial laws.

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