What are Custom eLearning Development Services? 

Custom eLearning development services are changing the outlook of employees and driving them to engage better with their organizations. eLearning services have broadened the scope for employees to develop their skills and improve their knowledge. Employees also learn new approaches to adapt to an ever-changing business environment. The eLearning development process for customized learning modules follows scientific principles of learning. The instructional design of the modules is specific to the organization’s culture and objectives; and avoids generics.

Employees are better engaged in the learning processes because lessons are customized for them to build needed competency. The staggered learning process, design components, multiple modes of lesson delivery, and gradual, graded approach appeal to every learner, leading to higher engagement in skill-building. 

Custom eLearning Development Services

Most custom eLearning development services providers follow a 5-step process for the delivery of training services:

1. Data collection

The eLearning solution development process begins with a well-designed plan. During this phase 

  • Research and analysis of the challenges that employees face with a topic
  • If the issue is due to a lack of motivation or a genuine learning gap is examined
  • The users’ habits and behavior are analyzed to determine their needs. User profiles help in focused content development.
  • In the end, the overall performance is measured 

2. The Prototype is Developed using the Following Approaches

  • Mind mapping 
  • Storyboarding 
  • Action mapping 
  • Wireframing 

The ‘visual’ aspect of the content is developed in this stage by including mood boards and pages with inspiring visuals. In the next step, the prototype is built based on feedback from all stakeholders.

3. Content Creation is Based on Research and Design

Subject Matter Experts’ inputs are refined and presented to match the design and mood setup in the template. The content is organized into reusable units of learning.

4. Refine the Model by Making Changes 

The final authoring step is a collaborative process that uses the efficiency of the team members to develop a professional solution. Styling components, navigation elements, and topic structures are included based on feedback. The custom eLearning development services focus on session time, location, points where learners lose interest, devices, activities with the highest traffic, and user feedback.

5. High Impact Return on Investment

In the final step, assessing the revenue potential and market reach of the eLearning solution is completed. The re-usability aspects of structure, design, and the ability to localize or translate the project for a wider audience are analyzed.

These five steps ensure that eLearning solutions built by custom eLearning development services achieve desired performance. Every provider uses a development cycle to create eLearning content. The primary goal of the learning module is to give employees a great learning experience that engages them.

In the long term, employees respect the company’s commitment to their growth via custom eLearning development services. The company’s involvement in its development and growth motivates the employees to remain engaged in the same organization.

Thus, eLearning development services play a vital role in the profit-making ability of a business. Customized learning solutions address employee skill gaps with multiple training delivery options. Learners can choose the pace at which they want to master a topic and the mode.

Wrapping Up

Customized learning solutions have become the means of building brand loyalty among employees. Elearning solutions create a self-paced learning mode for every employee. This helps in building trust between the company and the employee. Eventually, employee motivation to contribute to organizational growth will remain consistently high.

To know more about custom eLearning development services and eLearning development, speak to our experts at Infopro Learning now!


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