6 Things You Should know about Comedian Ian Moore

When it comes to comedy, everyone has different humor. This means that it can be a risk when you go to see a new comedian in a show. In fact, some people are worried that they are not going to have a great time and waste their money.

But, there is one thing you can do before you book a show. You can do some research on the comedian. This way, you can have an insight into their style and what topics they might approach in a show.

For example, a name you might have heard of recently is Ian Moore. He is a popular comedian and one that you can see in London. Here are six things you should know about him.

Prepare for British Home Truths

There is no doubt that the UK is a unique country. There are certain mannerisms and behavior that are unmistakably British. From being overly polite to avoid being direct and to the point, we all do it from time to time if you live in the UK. But, sometimes, you just have to laugh. Indeed, this is what Ian Moore tries to do. A lot of people love his shows because he tells stories and jokes about British culture. Since he has lived in France and England during his life, British culture and the things we do have become more apparent to him.

An Experienced Comedian

It can be exciting to see a new comedian on stage. But, sometimes, you want the security of seeing someone with experience. This way, you know that they can captivate a room and work the audience. Ian Moore has a lot of experience and this means you can rely on him to create a fantastic evening. He has been doing stand-up comedy for many years, as well as being on television regularly. This includes being on World Comedy Tour, The Stand Up Show, and Comedy Big Mouths. In addition, he is even sought after for corporate events.

Known as a Cultured

A lot of people admire Ian Moore because he travels from France regularly to the UK to perform. We are talking about traveling every week for around 10 years. During this time, he has learned a lot and he brings what he experienced into his shows. For example, he knows everything about Brexit and what it is like to travel, as well as VISA requirements and other interesting topics concerning the EU. This means that you are likely to learn and laugh at the same time in his shows.

His Sharp Wit Shines Through

There are some comedians that have everything rehearsed to a tee. This is not necessarily bad. After all, all comedians are going to have topics in mind before they start their show. But, you can often tell when they do not stray from the script.

This is something that people like about Ian Moore. Not only has he had a lot of experience when it comes to stand-up, but he also has a quick and sharp wit. This is something that shines through in his shows and it adds more energy and laughs for the audience. What’s more, it means that he adds in more jokes to make each show slightly different and feeds from the audience’s energy.

A Captivating Storyteller

Some people just know how to tell a story. Indeed, this can be said about Ian Moore. His shows are known to be captivating and he has a great way of sharing stories. This can keep you entertained for the whole show. There are some comedians that like to jump from topic to topic and things can seem disjointed. But, the same cannot be said about Ian Moore and you are sure to be entertained since he likes to engage with the audience.

Enjoy a Relaxed Show

Every comedian brings a slightly different energy to a show. Some are fast-paced and jampacked, which can keep you on the edge of your seat. People like the excitement and not knowing where a show is going to go. There are others that prefer a relaxing show where they can forget about their long week and escape their troubles. Well, the latter can be said when it comes to Ian Moore’s shows. You can sit back and relax, enjoying the storytelling and calm energy that he brings to an evening. This can be exactly what you need. What’s more, you know what they say, nothing is better than laughing.


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