A Chinese Man Claims that He Slept With an Alien

In 1994, a Chinese lumberjack became famous after saying that a female alien came to his house one night and had sex with him while his wife slept below.

The alleged kidnapping, which became known as the “Meng Zhaoguo Incident” after the lumberjack, started one night in June 1994 when the man said he saw a shimmering object on a mountainside near his home in the semi-mountainous town of Wuchang in Heilongjiang province.

Meng, who was 26 at the time, went to Phoenix Mountain to look into what he thought was the wreckage of a crashed chopper. He was hoping to find something useful there.

In an interview with The Huffington Post in 2003, Meng said that something hit him in the head while he was looking at the site from a distance, making him lose consciousness.

The World of Chinese heard a different story, which said that Meng took the husband of his niece’s sister to look at the wreckage, where they were hit by a surge of electricity and a beam of light that knocked them out.

Meng told The Huffington Post that when he woke up, he was at home and had no idea how he got there.

Chen Yanchun, who is in charge of the UFO Society of China, told the South China Morning Post in 1994 that Meng was with about 30 men at the time. When he lost consciousness, they took him back to their rooms.

Meng says that a few days after his first experience, he woke up in the middle of the night to find his wife still sleeping in their bed.

He said that’s when he saw the female alien, which he said was 10 feet tall, had six fingers, and had braided hair on her legs.

Several stories say that the two had sex for different amounts of time. For example, The Huffington Post said it lasted 40 minutes, while The World of Chinese, citing an interview with Meng in November 2021, said it lasted only a few seconds.

Meng said to The Huffington Post that the alien suddenly passed through a wall and that shortly after carrying out the act, he floated back down to his bed.

Meng stated that days after his extraterrestrial copulation, he continued to have interactions with the aliens, and that during his most recent experience, he was transported to their spaceship.

Meng claimed that the aliens there began to circle him and spoke to him in “Chinese, but with a heavy accent,” which he initially had trouble understanding.

They, too, “wanted to escape their former lives, so they left their dying home,” he alleged, adding that they were refugees much like him.

Meng claims that he asked to meet the female extraterrestrial because he was curious about her, but they refused and instead told him that “In 60 years, on a distant planet, the son of a Chinese peasant will be born.”

The aliens purportedly showed Meng a recording of a comet striking Jupiter while aboard their ship, an occurrence that, ironically, actually occurred in July 1994 when Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 slammed into the gas giant.

Meng claimed that in 2016, the aliens visited him once more after returning to Earth. They supposedly gave him a chunk of the comet from July 1994 at that time, which researchers later examined and discovered contained the rare element terbium.

The news about Meng’s story spread quickly across the country.

As part of their investigation, many UFO groups from China proceeded to Phoenix Mountain, where they asserted to have discovered burn marks on trees and broken rocks.

According to Story FM podcast guest Wang Fangchen, the first chairman of the Beijing UFO Research Organization, they “guessed [the scorch mark discovered] was from an aircraft taking off or landing.”

Wang said that a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Sciences analyzed the radiation level in Meng’s house and claimed that the instrument malfunctioned and produced false readings, particularly on the walls where the extraterrestrial purportedly made its entrance.

I seen this firsthand…I have no idea how to explain this occurrence, Wang told Story FM.

Under the supervision of neighborhood police, Meng also underwent a polygraph examination, also known as a lie detector test, which he reportedly passed, according to a 2010 story from China Daily.

A cow, a new house, and a job at a major college were among the presents Meng received as a result of his newfound renown. He also brought his wife, daughter, and son with him.

Even though most people were interested in Meng’s case, some critics didn’t believe everything he said.

Zhou Xiaoqiang, who used to be the head of the Beijing UFO Research Organization, was one of the most vocal critics.

“Meng Zhaoguo has no credibility,” Zhou told Story FM, as reported by The World of Chinese. “Local leaders have said he’s crazy.” “Many of the people who went to look into it already believed him, so it was easy to mislead them.”

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