Carry Style to Your Office with Birkenstock’s Trending Professional Footwear Collection

The corporate boom of the 21st century saw many women venturing into the corporate workforce. In the past 20 years, women have fought diverse corporate battles and came out victorious. Today, the demography of the corporate manpower has become quite diverse and fashionable, with women leading from the forefront. Women entrepreneurs, businesswomen, and even the common employees do not shy away from putting their unique and individual style in their outfits including Comfort Women Shoes which are perfect office wear.

As the number of women grew in the corporate workforce, we witnessed the gradual rise of work fashion trends. This was further cemented with the growth of digitalization and eCommerce websites and applications featuring separate categories dedicated to formal clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. Birkenstock specializes in footwear for different occasions, and their corporate collection for women is simply unmissable.

Arizona Rivet Logo falls under the quintessential Professional Shoes for Women. Technically, it is a unisex model with two straps and a timeless reptile leather design. Along with it, the sober dusty blue color is the perfect match for saturated corporate office spaces. Lastly, the comfort quotient is also undeniable as the user will be wearing it for long hours, and the EVA sole is the adequate counter for that.Would You Wear Birkenstocks to the Office?

Madrid Big Buckle

Even though it is a corporate setting, sandals can be the best option if the wearer is particularly concerned about their comfort while still being stylish. The Madrid Big Buckle by Birkenstock is just the perfect pair of sandals for your fashionable outfit to work. The one large elegant tongue buckle is an eye-popper that adds sophistication to the overall appearance, combining corporate and classy in an interesting blend.Birkenstock Women's, Madrid Big Buckle Sandal

Gizeh Essentials

If you are somebody who has a thing for Black Professional Shoes or simply the color “BLACK”, Gizeh essentials are the right cork sandals for your taste. The shoe is professional on the one hand and can also be excused in casual outings. This product by Birkenstock comes with one side-strap, and the footbed is made out of ultralight, flexible EVA material to boast comfort in any way possible. Gizeh Essentials EVA


For Birkenstock, it is their first slipper. This model has added a special choice for their buyers to choose from three different footbeds; Standard, Shearling, and Soft. While the upper layer of the shoe is made up of soft wool, the footbed will have a different feel for each of the types mentioned earlier. The slipper has the most professional look that any slipper can ask for. Hence, it is quite the right fit for corporate spaces.Birkenstock Women's, Zermatt Slipper


Franca by Birkenstock has a look and feel for its Black Professional Shoes with a vintage but elegant touch. The slim cross-over straps are quite attractive, and the sandal footbed is fully lined with soft piumato leather making it perhaps the best choice for black shoes for the professional environment. The high-quality soft natural leather on top has a shiny patent coating that makes it even more appealing to the human eye. Birkenstock Women's, Franca Sandal


Takings its inspiration from the classic Zurich model, Birkenstock presents Kyoto, a casual and compact shoe with one adjustable strap on top of two decorative rivets allowing optimal grip. The color contrast between the leather rivets and strap gives the product a subtly sophisticated look. The anatomic cork-latex footbed and nubuck leather for the upper body make it quite comfortable.Birkenstock Kyoto for Women


There can be nothing more professional and classier than Gary. Birkenstock’s professional shoe collection cannot be complete without Gary. It is a lace-up shoe with a top made up of soft suede, and the footbed is designed to be anatomic like the previous one. The steel blue color of the shoe contracted by the rusty brown bottom gives it a solemn look.Gary Shoes Online


Buckley is another great choice for office footwear for women. This particular pair is a semi-moccasin-style clog with a thick cork sole, which is the signature of Birkenstock. With one big natural buckle to ensure grip, Buckley’s upper is made up of soft suede with the footbed of cork-latex. Its mineral color can be another element of the matching color scheme with the corporate or office atmosphere.birkenstock buckley

Final Verdict

If you are looking for Comfort Women’s Shoes to wear at work, Birkenstock offers a range of options to pick from. Their range of women’s shoes for different occasions is matched by no other footwear brand. For a comfortable yet professional appearance, there is the right pair for everyone to match the outfit and ambiance of the workplace.

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