Best Things to Do in Colorado

Colorado Point:

About the Colorado state, President Theodore Roosevelt said that:

“Passing through your wonderful mountains and canyons I realize that this state is going to be more and more the playground for the whole republic… You will see this real Switzerland of America.”

Colorado is famous for its many attractive visiting places! This place is also famous for its ski slopes. It is a state of happiness. You’re visiting Colorado makes you imagine that you are in a beautiful natural village. Read Colorado Travel Guide before traveling to Colorado.

Colorado History:

Colorado is a famous state than any other country for its highest mountains which reaching about 14,000 feet. Colorado is called the center of tourists enjoying points during hot summer and snow fall-winter. The region of Colorado stands soon after the gold was discovered near Denver. Colorado was admitted to the union on August 1, 1876, as the 38th state.  This state has a more different name like Colona, Osage, Idaho as well as Jefferson. It has several nicknames also, such as-The Lead State, Switzerland of America, The Silver State, The Buffalo Plains State, The Highest State, The Centennial State, etc.

Colorado has several nicknames for several causes that make this state more unique.

* Colorado is called Switzerland of America because of its elevation, highest mountain, and its spiritual beauty of nature.

* Huge amount of lead was in Colorado that’s why this state is called The Lead State.

* It also called the Silver State because of its Silver mined. For this in 1878 Colorado’s Leadville world’s biggest mining camp.

* The Highest State is another nickname of Colorado because of its highest towering mountains.

Best Things To Do in Colorado

Colorado’s attractive places are the Rocky Mountains, Pikes Peak, Garden of Gods, etc. It has also many hidden pearls that fascinated the tourists are the Royal Gorge Route Railroad, Royal Gorge Bridge Park, Broadmoor Seven Falls, and a lot more.

  1. Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is the most charming park among the highest mountain in the continental USA. Here you can observe 6 glaciers, lush forested valleys, about 100 pristine alpine lakes, and high-alpine terrain, etc. The beautiful plants, nature, and animals make the  Rocky Mountains more charming. It is 415 square miles encompasses and save the natural environment. You can enjoy 1200 feet Trail Road from where you can see many overlooks with 300 miles of hiking trails, wildlife, starry nights, and wildflowers.

  1. Garden of Gods:

Garden of gods is one of the most famous and open tourist spots in Colorado. Its grave charming rock formations inspire the feelings of all ages people. It becomes the National natural park in 1971, which attracts hikers, bikers, photographers, picnickers also many more. You can enjoy the free Shuttle here during the most visited period. This garden is a registered National Natural Landmark in Colorado. This Garden and Park and Nature center are open and free for the visitors.

  1. Broadmoor seven falls:

Seven falls take the best attraction of visitors for more than 130 years all over the world. It takes a view of its mighty crashing waterfall from its stunning walls. The fall journey is treating as “the grandest mile of scenery”.  The seven falls surrounded on each side of the mountain increase its beauty and make you feel like a very special secret. The natural scenery of the seven falls that creates breathtaking beauty, calls you to adventure. 

Colorado Geography:

Colorado is regarded as a constituent state of the USA. This state was admitted as a state to the union on August 1, 1876, and Denver is its capital city. It is also called the Mountain state though its half part lies in Rocky Mountain. Wyoming and Nebraska are situated to the north, Kansas, and Nebraska to the east. Whereas Oklahoma and New Mexico to the south, and Utah to the west of Colorado. Colorado’s most attractions are The Grand Mesa and the White River Plateau, which are above 10,000 feet (3,000 meters).  Colorado’s highest range is about 14,440 feet Mount Elbert where the other is about 14,000 feet.

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Colorado’s average temperature in summer is about 24 °C (70s F) for July and August. Daily minimum and maximum temperatures may pervade as much as 40–50 °F (22–28 °C), whereas 25 °F (14 °C) is general. Here winter season is very cold, windy, and much rough. In winter the temperature becomes almost 10 to about 30 °F (−12 to −1 °C), daily average mid-30s to approximately 50 °F (about −2 to 10 °C). 

Colorado’s environment:

 Colorado’s environment is very natural. If you visit this place you can see many good peoples. They are very helpful, generous, and cordial to each other. What kind of scenery do you want to feel just decide it and go there to enjoy it. See the highest Rocky Mountain in North; Buena Vista is the most beautiful mountain scenery in the state. Here you see many places and scenery to enjoy; just you have to choose what you’d like to do.

Traveling to Colorado:

Colorado has well-developed transportation and traveling system. Main High-way road, Denver International Airport is a major communication system. You can go here through Railroad.

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