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A Few Quick Tips to Help You Find the Best OpenGL Tutorials Library


Have you any knowledge about OpenGL! If no, then please continue with us for the introduction with OpenGL. So let’s start.


In one sentence, OpenGL is a software related to the Graphics platform. In 1981 a Silicon Graphics (known as SGI) company focused the 3D computer graphics and generated the related software and hardware for this goal. Then this SGI developed as IRIS GL for generating 2D and 3D graphics on SGI’s high-performance work from the 1990s. Courageously, in 1992 the SGI company dropped IRIS GL’s all kind activities related to the computer graphics and reformed publicly as OpenGL (Graphics Library) a cross-platform measured API for the latest computer graphics.

The software bargainers would have to provide their depictions of the OpenGL standard on their platforms, at the same time hardware bargainers programs that permitted OpenGL Tutorial to talk to the fundamental graphics hardware called “device drivers.”

Actually very easily, it can be said that OpenGL is like a programming language like C++17 standard. It is the description of how something works. But it is not a tangible code which can be executed. As an example, can see the description of the OpenGL 4.4 Core Profile.

Though the SGI company did serve merely just specification of how the API should work. That’s why later The hardware and software bargainers freedom generate this OpenGL as their choice that is still present on the software platform successfully.

Is OpenGL is a Open Form

OpenGL is merely an intangible code that could be free to open. You can get the pattern a lot online but its actual code is not available. OpenGL is a standard open source and Mesa3D library is the best example of OpenGL. This Mesa3D is much popular which is used in Linux and UNIX systems. NVidia is more famous. That’s why it is not so easy to recognize OpenGL is an open form.


To loading the OpenGL, OpenGL Wrangler Library (GLEW) is a cross-platform open-source C/C++ extension, is best. This GLEW provides effective systems to the OpenGL extensions which are allowed on the pointed sector.  OpenGL core and extension function is showing in a single header folder. Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, Irix, and Solaris, etc are the verified system of GLEW. So GLEW can load the OpenGL functions that you might need to work. Including the header file and installation is the main function of OpenGL which will be the successful and correct function.


We get two major cross-platform executions to install and OpenGL background design. 


GLWF stands for Graphics Library Framework, a new open-source and multi-platform library for OpenGL, Vulkan, and ES improvement on the computer. This latest GLFW endow with a trouble-free API which is helpful for generating windows, contexts, and surfaces getting input and proceedings. GLFW is at the moment written in C and supports Windows, macOS, X11, and Wayland.


GLUT stands for OpenGL Utility Toolkit. This is a very old official way of doing work. But the original GLUT is abandoned with the most latest 3.7 version from 1998. Because its license has lost the validity to modify any new library code, as well as its software distributions, is incomplete like- XFree86

OpenGL best

Obviously, OpenGL is available for the graphics API. OpenGL why best, if you want to know then you have to learn the bellow elements


In 1995 DirectX was first released as the Windows Games SDK. It is also used as visualization and graphics tasks like CAD/CAM engineering. Though Windows 95 does not lunch with DirectX but Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 both are shipped with DirectX.


Metal is a low-level hardware accelareted 3D graphic and computer application interface created by Apple lnc. It is a graphic API which is decorated only for Apple operating system.


It is the most low-overhead, 3D graphics cross-platform but Vulkan targets high-performance for 3D graphics applications like interactive media and video games, etc. Vulkan is also a better worker for the multiple CPU cores.

OpenGL learning source

You can learn more about OpenGL from the bellow sources

  1. OpenGL Video tutorial series
  2. “open.gl” website
  3. “opengl-tutorial.org” website
  4. OpenGL Programming Wikibook
  5. “learnopengl.com” website
  6. SIGGRAPH University “ An Introduction to OpenGL Programming”

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All these OpenGL sources can help you to develop your knowledge about OpenGL Programming if you want to be a great graphics programmer.



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