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What are The Best MD Programs in the Caribbean Region?

Becoming a certified doctor is one of the most popular career aspirations across the USA and the rest of the world. However, the increasing popularity of the medical profession has also made it harder for students to get admission to a reputable medical school.

According to data released by AAMC, only 41.9% of students successfully enroll in an American medical school. That leaves the rest of the students without a viable medical school option in the country. Additionally, an increasing number of applicants each year without a simultaneous increase in the number of seats is adding to the problem.

Caribbean MD programs can offer a great alternative to pursuing your medical education in the USA. Most Caribbean medical schools have less stringent entry criteria, making it easier for students without a very high GMAT or MCAT score.

Most often, these programs receive recognition from US State medical boards, which allows their students to practice medicine in the USA. In fact, a study reports that 18% of all medical graduates in the country have earned their degrees from Caribbean medical schools.

This leaves an important question to consider: what are the best MD programs in the Caribbean region and which one should you choose? Let’s dive deeper to find out!

What are the best medical schools in the Caribbean offering MD programs?

There is no official list of rankings for Caribbean medical colleges. However, most students weigh in factors like USMLE pass rates, residency match rates, campus sizes, clinical rotation postings, and eligibility of licensure in all the 50 American states.

The following three schools are generally regarded as the best performing in all the above-mentioned points. A Forbes report has termed them among “The Big Four” owing to their extensive offerings and popularity among international students.

Saba University School of Medicine

The Saba University School of Medicine is one of the leading medical schools in the Caribbean with more than 25 years of experience in churning out outstanding medical graduates. Located on Saba Island, you can get an enhanced learning experience with small class sizes, qualified instructors, and a great campus.

The other USPs of the school include a first-time USMLE Step 1 pass rate of 99%, a residency match rate of 94%, and beautiful surroundings.

St. George’s University School of Medicine

St. George University is also a premier medical education institution and located in Grenada. Pursuing an MD program from SGU can allow you access to a strong alumni network and the chance to complete your residency at a good American hospital.

SGY has a first-time USMLE Step 1 pass rate of 94% and a wide range of MD programs lasting from four to seven years.

American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine

The American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine or AUC is another great medical college with comparable features. It offers a rolling admission policy with multiple start dates, allowing you the freedom to start school when you’re ready.

These medical colleges aside, you can also consider other Caribbean schools like the Medical University of the Americas, Ross University School of Medicine, and St. Matthew’s University School of Medicine.

Your choice from the above-mentioned options depends on your career aspirations and priorities. Invest in a good MD program from a reputed Caribbean medical school today to become an established doctor in the future.



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