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5 Stunning Make Up Tricks to Try 

There’s nothing like learning a new makeup trick to boost your confidence. This year, we’re all about glowing skin, elegant pastels, and shimmery lids, no matter the occasion. So, to inspire you to try something new before the year is out, here are five stunning yet surprisingly simple makeup tricks to try right now. 

1. Brilliant Blushes

One of the best ways to get your day rolling in the right direction is to opt for a gorgeous rosy blush. An easy-to-blend cream or liquid blush will deliver a fresh-faced look that beautifully complements your skin tone and will help you look gorgeous as you go about your daily business. For slightly warmer tones, opt for an orange blush that adds to the warmth of your appearance. To ensure the look is natural, begin at the apple of your cheek and blend the blush back across your cheekbones. You can blend upwards if you want to be a little more daring and dramatic. But for something that is on-trend and very much in season, you can’t go wrong with a brilliant blush.

2. Pink Pouts 

We’re surely not the only ones who love pink the whole year round! After all, there’s nothing quite like a pink lipstick to brighten an overcast day. Discovering your perfect shade can be challenging, so our advice is to bring two shades together – a neutral nude and something a little deeper. Start by adding the deeper colour to the centre of your lips and blend it out with the neutral shade. The result? A voluminous pout and ombre effect to die for. Trust us; you will love it. 

3. Shimmering in Silver

Glitter has been on trend for a long time now, and a cool silver look is just what you need at this time of the year. To create a showstopping silver look, opt for a pigmented liquid eyeshadow to really bring out the features of your eyes. Pair it with a classic winged black liner and swipe it on your lids to level up your going-out makeup. For something even more daring, blend some silver across the top of your cheekbones and into your cupid’s bow. You will be amazed at how the holographic highlight effect makes you look! 

4. Fluffy Brows

Few things transform your look quite like the perfect bold brows. This year, we’ve seen a return of the fluffy brow trend, and we’re here for it! It’s a super easy trend to work with, and you can brush your brows out with a spoolie before setting them with a brow gel. It’s up to you whether you go for a clear or pigmented gel, as both will help you create beautiful, fluffy brows in no time at all.

5. Gloss and Glitter

The perfect trend to embrace this year is the versatile combination between shine and shimmer. To draw attention to your smile, add some loose glitter to your lips before applying gloss for a subtle sparkle. To crank things up a notch, a dedicated eyelid gloss will help your eyes match your smile and will deliver an effortless glam look for any upcoming occasion. 

Now you’re all set with your look, why not invest in an elegant jumpsuit or chic top to ensure your outfit matches the gorgeous effects of your makeup this season? 

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