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4 Factors of Why B2B2C is Important for the iGaming Sector

Many startup concepts fail and there are many reasons why. Some concepts, like crypto currencies and blockchain, haven’t quite reached their optimal use cases. Other startups, like iGaming platforms, don’t succeed as a result of the highly restrictive laws that govern every aspect of their business. Worse, most startups lack a resilient market that can provide long-term income. Fortunately, B2B2C partners are on hand to save the day. 

Such brands offer an all-in-one solution that provides iGaming vendors with the best tools and business support, ranging from cutting-edge technologies to a ready market. One such company is Veli. Services, a global company that creates unique B2B2C partnerships in the iGaming vertical. Their team of experienced professionals has a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in this industry and provides their clients with everything they need to succeed, from innovative technologies to tailored marketing plans. 

Gia Janashvili, co-founder of Veli. Services is a business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) expert who helps iGaming companies become more competitive in their markets. He has written extensively about the subject and believes that B2B2C complements the operations of these companies in four main ways. Here’s a rundown of the key elements of each of these four factors;

Factor #1: Customer Satisfaction

Only businesses that exceed their customers’ expectations can sustain and grow their profit margins. B2B2C partners combine their services with iGaming startups to provide the best possible experience for customers.

They provide technology frameworks, and analysis tools, and help such enterprises establish a favorable market reputation thus putting new startups on equal footing with more established competitors.

Factor #2: Ready Market

Businesses that offer B2B2C partnerships have established a market over time, aided by numerous other brands. The majority of their customers are confident that any product associated with the brand will meet their expectations. Customers are more likely to purchase products associated with a brand they already trust.

Factor #3: Credibility

In a B2B2C model, one company collaborates to reach the customer base of another company while retaining the credit as the primary vendor of a product. Customers believe that their favorite brands will only work with companies that share their values and standards.

iGaming vendors can benefit from the already established reputation of B2B2C partners and avoid the hustle of the brand initiation stages. They also benefit from the ability to provide experienced customer support without having to hire experts.

Factor #4: High Return on Investment

Introducing new and unique products is one of the strategic competitive efforts iGaming vendors can make. If an iGaming brand launches a new product, a B2B2C partner can vote for or against it based on the results of previous collaborations. They also provide insights that can aid in the generation of more leads.

With the help of a B2B2C partner, iGaming platforms can make more informed investment decisions, reducing the likelihood of losses.

Final Thoughts

With the advancement of technology, it is becoming more difficult to compete as an independent entity against business partners. A niche-specific B2B2C partner can significantly shorten your decision-making process, providing you with the agility you need to overcome market swings.

Finance may be the foundation for valuing companies, but we cannot ignore the importance of partners and the influence, support, and energy they generate around businesses.

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