Argentina vs France World Cup Final: Which Records Lionel Messi could Break Today?

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On Sunday, everyone will be watching Lionel Messi as he looks for the one trophy that is missing from his huge collection.
Messi, who is 35, will lead Argentina against France in the World Cup final. Messi has said that this is likely to be his last game ever on the biggest stage.
Lionel Messi has already lost his heart in a FIFA World Cup final, so he will want to do everything he can to help Argentina win their first title since 1986. He has been great so far in this tournament. The seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or is still in the running for the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball, but those aren’t the only prizes up for grabs on Sunday. 

Seven Records Lionel Messi can Break in FIFA World Cup 2022 Argentina vs France Final

Messi, who is the captain of Argentina, has been playing at his best in this World Cup, and he has been a key part of his team’s run to the final.
Argentina, which is led by Lionel Messi, will play France, which is the defending champion, in the FIFA World Cup 2022 final on Sunday. The star striker has already said that he won’t play for his country anymore after the title match. Messi wants to win his first World Cup trophy, and Argentina is playing in their sixth final in the tournament’s history. France, on the other hand, wants to join Brazil and Italy as the only countries to win back-to-back World Cups.
Messi, the captain of Argentina, has been at his best in this tournament, and he was a key part of his team’s run to the final. When Argentina played Australia in the round of 16, the 35-year-old played the 1000th game of his career. He and Kylian Mbappe of France are tied for the most goals scored in the tournament so far. Messi will try to break some amazing records in Sunday’s final, and we’ve made a list of them here.

1. Most Wins by a Player in World Cup:

Messi has won 16 of the FIFA World Cup games he has played in. This makes him the player with the most wins in a World Cup. If Argentina wins the final, the star striker will have won 17 World Cup matches, tying him for the most wins of any player. Miroslav Klose, a legend from Germany, holds the record for most World Cup wins with 17.

2. Most World Cup Appearances:

If Messi plays in the final on Sunday, he will pass Lothar Matthaus as the player who has played in the most World Cup games (25 appearances).

3. Most Minutes Played in a World Cup:

Paolo Maldini, an Italian legend, has played 2,217 minutes in a World Cup. Messi has been on the field for 2,194 minutes, which puts him in a good position to break the record in the final. There is only a 23-minute gap between the two.

4. Most Assists in the World Cup:

Lionel Messi vs Croatia

Messi has set up nine goals in FIFA World Cup games so far, which is the most of any player. At the moment, Brazil’s great Pele is at the top of the list with ten assists. Messi will get the record if he can help his teammates score at least two goals in the final.

5. Multiple Golden Ball Awards:

The striker from Argentina won the Golden Ball at the 2014 World Cup. The Golden Ball is given to the best player in the World Cup who is good at everything. Messi is also one of the favorites to win the award this time. If he wins the prize, he will be the first player to win two Golden Balls winner.

6. Winner of both the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball at the World Cup:

Along with the Golden Ball, the player who scores the most goals at a World Cup gets the Golden Boot award. Only seven players have ever won both the Golden Boot and the Golden Ball. They are Leônidas da Silva in 1938, Garrincha in 1962, Ronaldo in 1998 and 2002, Paolo Rossi in 1982, Salvatore Schillaci in 1990, and Mario Kempes from Argentina in 1978. Messi and Mbappe are tied for the most goals scored in this tournament, with five each. Messi could pass Mbappe and win the Golden Boot as well.

7. Most Goal Contributions:

Messi has helped score 20 goals in FIFA World Cup games. He has scored 11 goals himself and set up 9 others. Pele, a legend from Brazil, holds the record with 22 goals, including 12 goals and 10 assists, from all the games he played in. So, Messi will have a great chance to beat Pele’s record or tie it.
Today we could watch the most anticipated match between Argentina vs France Fifa World Cup Final.


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