Apple to Launch AI-powered Health Coaching Service Next Year

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Apple is already ahead of the competition when it comes to digital health coaching services, thanks to services like Fitness+ and goods like the Watch.

Apple is also getting on the AI bandwagon, but in a different way than other big brands. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg recently said that Apple is making an AI-powered health advice service.

Quartz is the secret name for the service, and it is said to encourage people to work out and stay healthy. The health advice service based on AI is said to be built into the Apple Watch from the start. The price of the health coach service is said to be a regular subscription, just like the Fitness+ service. At the moment, it is not clear if this service uses computing power on the device or cloud computers to get AI-based results.

Gurman says that Apple has put a lot of smart people from the Siri and AI teams to work on this project to speed up the development. Based on what we know now, the service could start as early as 2024. But if there are problems, the start date could be pushed back a year or two.

Also, the company is said to be working on other fitness-related tools to keep track of the user’s emotions and mood. At WWDC 2023, Apple may also show off a new health app for the iPad. It is said that the new app will make it easier to look at different health-related info on a big screen, and it is expected to come out with iPadOS 17.

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