Best Affordable Inflatable Zorb Ball

Are you looking for an adventurous sports activity that is safe in every respect? And do you also not want to spend thousands of dollars on it? Well, a Zorb ball has got you covered. But since Zorb ball can be pretty expensive at times we have picked up the sought-after online e-commerce store that comes with the ultimate solution to your buying and search quarries- kameymall!

Here you literally get the option to each and every item that you can think of. From daily stuff to automobiles kameymall has got everything in an affordable price range. To make easy and user-friendly online shopping, now you have the kameymall online app that works for oath Android as well as iPhone smartphones with seamless performance.

 What you can buy from kameymall?

The simple and summed up answer is, you can buy almost everything from kameymall that you can anticipate from an online store. The category with a wider gamut of options meets the requirement and search quarries of everybody and age group. To give you an idea about this eCommerce store, you can purchase

  • Outdoor and sports
  • Women’s Fashion
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Jewelry  Watches  
  • Home  Appliances  
  • Shoes Bags
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Computer, Office, Security
  • Phones & Telecommunications  and much more

What is a Zorb Ball For?

A Zorb ball is the second name for fun, joy, and laughter followed by adventure. This is a huge human-sized lucid ball that you get inside and roll on to the grounds, grasslands, snow, waters, hilly areas, and smoother plains. Its clear PVC, plastic, and other material are built to keep the ball flexible and resilient enough when it comes to the safety of the rider.

Due to its huge size, (and inspiration from hamster ball), a Zorb ball is also known as a human hamster ball. Zorb balls have many types and that is one of the best things about zorbing. Zorb Ball is a huge and transparent sphere made of PVC, it is mainly used for sports activities.

 The rider has the ultimate privilege to toll onto lands, downhill slopes, and of course walking on shallow water due to the air in between the balls. Additionally, if you choose to play with other riders, there is no risk of collusion or collateral damage at all, thanks to the PVC material and resilience that you get in the first place.

For getting into the ball, the doors or inlet can be either single or dual depending on what type of ball you have purchased. A Zorb ball is pretty much safe due to enough air supply that otherwise gives you the suspended and weightless feel overall. Talking a bit about the diameter of this huge human bubble ball, you have the range from 1.5m to 2.5m. However, you can find many different types and sizes in a Zorb ball. Mainly the larger balls are best-suited for people who are rather taller and vice versa. To sum up, zorb ball is for anybody who is healthy, willing, and wants to experience its energetic jolts.

Sizes Available in Zorb ball

If you are looking for specific size in a Zorb ball, kameymall is here at your service. The usual diameter of a Zorb ball falls between 1.5m and 2.5m. Being the most sellable sizes, the following are the major options that are best for you depending on your age, height, and body weight.

  • 3m diameter
  • 5m diameter
  • 5m diameter
  • 5m diameter
  • 7m diameter
  • 2m diameter
  • 4*2.2*1.8m

Design and colors

Certainly, when you talk about a Zorb ball, having multiple choice colors like yellows, blues, reds, and more finds its way no matter what. At kameymall you get the Zorb ball not only of chic style but also for wet, zorbing, snow zorbing, ground, and many more types that you can think of. Moreover, the environmentally friendly material use, fragrance, and durability in the design are what make sure the best ever zorbing experience throughout your roll, jump or run!

Hot Sale on Zorb ball

Zorb Ball Hamster Balls for People Top Quality 1.5M Bubble Soccer Kameymall

Product name:

TPU Bumper Ball


1.5m diameter


0.8mm TPU


CE/UL air pump, carry bag for each ball, repair kit


clear (different color and patterns available upon request)

Logo printing:

(please send logo to service




1-year quality guarantee

Import duty:

please note that import duties

Zorb Balls Giant Inflatable Bubble Ball Transparent Blue Dot Bubble Soccer

Product name:

Human Zorb Ball




0.8mm Plato PVC


CE/UL air pump, carry bag for each ball, repair kit


transparent, blue, red, yellow, green or color dots

Logo printing:

(please send logo to service




2 years


Repair kits


Carton and Storage bag for bubble, Carton for blower

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