Aerial Work Platforms: Which Should You Select?

Selecting the best Aerial Work Platform(AWP) involves several factors. The first and most vital is doing a site analysis with the help of experienced personnel with expertise in using AWP. They might give you the best suggestions after analyzing the work area.

Different access platforms are available to help carry out the different operations at different heights. The nature of performing operations at these heights varies depending on the industry. Some common aerial work platforms include boom and scissor lifts, here is how you can select the best one.

Selecting The Right AWP

The different AWP exist to help carry out different tasks at different heights. Therefore, you need to select one that best suits your requirements.

These are some questions to guide your AWP selection:

  • How much weight does it need to lift: It’s best to remember that different AWP can have different weight-lifting capacities. Some lift larger weights than others. Find the maximum weight you need to lift and decide accordingly.
  • Know the height: Once you know the height at which you need to work, it becomes easy to select a scissor lift based on the required working height.
  • Is the height you are working on indoors or outdoors?
  • What do the surrounding locations look like?
  • What are the dimensions of the machine?
  • Do you need to reach narrow spaces or reach vertically up?

These questions will help guide your AWP selection to ensure you get the best-suited equipment for the task. Now it’s time to look at another one.

Scissor Lift

These are the most commonly used aerial lifts. They are the best choice for reaching vertical heights as they can go upward and downward. These lifts come in different sizes, which usually align with their base. In addition, they are of different types depending on the working height and the maneuverability needed. The two major types of this lift include:

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

These are used in handling outdoor operations on rough, uneven surfaces, like construction sites. The rough terrain lift has a diesel-powered engine with a four-wheel drive feature, allowing easy movement over rough terrains. Some rough terrain scissor lifts have the best support when working on slopes with a large aerial work platform to accommodate any personnel equipment easily.

Electric Scissor Lifts

These lifts are best suited for indoor use because they can reach narrow spaces easily. These electric lifts have a working height of up to 18 meters. Because of their electric engine, these lifts don’t emit hazardous fumes and have no tire markings, making them the best for indoor use. The zero-emission is also better for the environment, while no tire makings help protect the floors.

Boom Lift

While the scissor lift can move upward and downward, the boom lift has a maneuverable arm that allows it to move in any direction due to flexibility. When choosing this kind of lift, it is essential to consider the workspace, also known as the bucket, the power source, and the type. This type of lift has two categories- telescopic and articulating boom lift. Apart from that, they can be angled or straight, weight capacity or power source is different. Depending on your needs, they can be electric or diesel-powered.

Articulated Boom Lifts

They are known as knuckle lifts and have a working platform on the extended arm, enabling it to cross and overcome obstacles. The lift has a turntable base making it possible to rotate 360 degrees. They are most common in maintenance works on sites with many obstacles, making accessing other AWP hard to access.

Additionally, they are also the best for outdoor repair works as they can access areas scissor lifts can.

Telescopic Boom Lifts

These are the best options for accessing extremely high grounds. It has a long straight arm fixed on a portable turntable. These are the best choice for handling repairs or reaching windows in elevated places. Due to their ability to reach extremely high platforms, they have a wide and steady base. They have outriggers to increase stability for safety.

Aerial Lifts

An aerial lift has a huge resemblance to the boom and scissor lifts. Therefore, they are the best outdoor services, especially if trying to reach the utility lines, trees, and more. Initially, they were designed and used to handle outdoor duties. But today, the term can refer to any AWP.

Which One To Choose

For the need of AWP, it’s best to consider any of the abovementioned types of lifts. Understanding what each does and its capabilities will help you make the right choice to maximize your investment.

The kind of AWP you choose will depend on the work you need to handle. After choosing one, it’s best to consider safety when using the AWP. If the employees or the operator don’t know how to operate one, there is AWP safety training for workers, which can be helpful.

These factors can be helpful when choosing the right AWP for you. With all this, selecting the best-suited AWP will easily provide you with the best service and a safe means of handling your work.


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