Must-Have Tech for Industrial Construction Sites

Many may not realize it, but the construction industry has a long history of technological innovation and advances. Construction tech developments have led to creations such as underwater structures and even skyscrapers. Best of all, the industry doesn’t show any signs of slowing.

Tech improvements in the construction industry not only make your construction sites safer but also pave the way for more efficient construction projects. Here is must-have tech to keep workers safe, manage risk, and work more efficiently.  

Industrial Router

Construction sites are challenging work environments filled with dust, loud noises, and moving objects, just to name a few. Workers need communication solutions that can withstand the rigors of industrial work sites. An LTE router with a high IP rating, like the Cradlepoint IBR900, can stand up to vibrations, shocks, and extreme temperatures.

Outside of their durability, industrial routers also help secure information transmitted over networks, which is essential for protecting sensitive data and construction plans. The right router can mean the difference between a construction project proceeding apace and suffering avoidable setbacks, which can cause severe financial losses.

Augmented Reality Mobile Device

Augmented reality elevates blueprints from white lines that rest on the page to layers of digital information that practically lives and breathe in the real world. Construction professionals can aim an electronic device like a tablet down at a floor, lay digital building plans on top of the image, and make the plans look like they’re part of the physical environment.

With AR technology, construction workers can layer proposed modifications over a job site to see what the changes would look like before making them. The tech solution can also take physical measurements in real-time, which makes it easier to follow construction plans.

Construction Wearables

With so many risks to navigate, construction workers need reliable, effective protection. Wearable technology can save lives and protect workers from avoidable accidents. For example, smart hard hats have built-in sensors, tracking tools, and AR. The wearable technology can warn workers of hazardous conditions and alert team members if someone needs help.

Smart boots prevent workers from colliding with moving objects, one of the Fatal Four construction hazards. The technology can detect special sensors on construction vehicles and alert workers of collision risks. To protect their hands, workers can don power gloves that boost their strength and dexterity.


You’ve probably seen or heard a drone buzzing around overhead like an oversized insect from a sci-fi movie. The machines have already made massive contributions to the construction industry, helping to save money on expensive processes like mapping massive stretches of land.

Camera-mounted drones can also help workers keep track of equipment and watch over equipment and construction materials when everyone’s gone home for the day. Some construction professionals use drones to inspect buildings and complete progress reports. With continued advances in artificial intelligence, construction drone capabilities and possibilities will only improve.

3D Printer

Unlike traditional printers that use paper, 3D printers use various materials to bring digital creations to life. While innovative printers have limitations for large-scale projects, construction companies currently use them to print entire houses. 

One possibility of technology in the construction industry is efficient material usage. By using a 3D printer to create structures and building materials, construction professionals can reduce their material waste. 3D printers also allow for faster construction, churning out an entire structure in just a few days.

Construction tech innovations can improve everything from worker safety to project planning. By using these must-have inventions, construction professionals can open a world of possibilities while enjoying the best of what cutting-edge technology offers.

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