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4 Best Exercises for Losing Weight

Woman doing Exercise

Do you know about the best exercises for losing weight? Are you worried for your excessive weight and obesity? Don’t worry! In this article, I am showing the 4 best exercises for losing weight. 

Pulling your stomach in, hoping it will magically become flat? Is it just a dream left to fit in your clothes better? Well, chances are- you are on a venture to shred extra pounds, regain your youthful vigor, and get in shape.

Before we head on to the journey of losing weight, let’s clarify one thing that when people want to lose weight, they are looking to lose fat. While most people think that cutting out junk and shifting towards a healthier lifestyle will help them in achieving their fitness goals, it is not the best indicator of fat loss.

So, aside from dieting, physical work out is the best strategy employed by people who want to look and feel fit. We will help you get drenched in pursuit of your fitness goals through these four simple and best exercises:


Walking is one of the simplest yet powerful exercises for beginners to do without feeling overwhelmed or buying any equipment. It is a low-impact exercise that means you can stay fit without stressing your joints. It also improves cholesterol levels, maintains your blood pressure, strengthens bones, and lower the risks for many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, etc. 

It’s an excellent exercise for beginners to burn calories easily. You can start by walking for 60 minutes 4 times a week, and then gradually, you can make it into your daily routine and increase your hours. Just grab a pair of walking shoes, and you will be good to go.


If you want to do high-energy exercise that is simple yet effective, then running is the best to help you lose weight. The best part is it can easily be incorporated into your weekly routine and can be done anywhere. Running can help burn visceral fat, which is commonly known as belly fat. It is also a great exercise to burn calories and reduce the risk of various chronic diseases.

To get started, you can jog for 20–30 minutes 3 times a week, all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and top-quality exercise clothes from the best activewear clothing manufacturers. However, if you find running outdoors is tough on your joints, then start by running on soft surfaces like grass. Another great option is running on treadmills Brisbane that have in-built cushioning, which will be easier on joints.

Jumping Rope

It’s time to go back to the good ol’ days of physical education class when you first stepped into learning how to use a jumping rope. This is literally one of the best cardio exercises that you can do anywhere. You just need a jump rope that easily available in the market at affordable rates. Since jump rope is portable, you can throw it in your bags even if you are out on vacation, but you want a quick way to do a 20 minutes warm-up routine. 

First, warm up your body with a light 5-minute skip with the rope. Then start by doing 100 jumps by following a format of doing 50/50, 21/21, 15/15, 9/9. Repeat this set 3 times, but make sure that both feet leave the floor at the same time with no extra hops to get the rhythm and coordination. 

Make sure you do this exercise with a nice pair of shoes so that you won’t smack the tip of your toe if you miss a skip. You can also do this whole sequence mock-style if you want to do a little practice or if you don’t have a rope handy.


Swimming is considered a wholesome exercise both for your upper body and lower body.  The best thing is you can get in shape and, at the same time, enjoy the fun of doing it.

How many calories you want to burn depends on the way you swim and how much time you do. Swimming for 50-60 minutes 3 times a week can significantly improve flexibility, reduce belly fat, and reduced the risk of heart disease, including blood triglycerides and high total cholesterol.

Another benefit of swimming is it’s low-impact in nature, which means that it’s not tough on your joints. This makes it an outstanding option for people who have joint pain or injuries.

Wrapping Up

There so many exercises that can help you lose weight. Now that you know some great exercises, you can carry on your weight loss journey effortlessly.  Understand your body type to know which exercise will suit you the best, and you enjoy doing.

This will make you more likely to hold on to your favorite one for the long term and see visible results. If you have a busy routine, incorporating any of these four moves 2 to 3 times a week will help you burn calories, strengthen your bones and muscles, stay fit, and last but not the least help you lose extra fat! 

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