Zorb Ball Popularity and Some Fun-Facts

Zorb Ball is an indoor recreation activity that is quite popular on beaches or at fun events. However, the popularity of zorbing (playing with a zorb ball) is far stretched that now people are trying on new games with these inflated balls like water zorbing.

It involves tumbling, dribbling, and catching a ball in the air while being inside a large inflatable sphere.

With increasing demands for zorbing, people are more inclining toward learning fun facts associated with it.

This sphere filled with air and water makes it fun to move around and fall, only to feel that tickle of joy. Zorbing is made for both children and adults, which makes it a great family sport to try on your net adventure streak. A quick peek through some fun facts will help you make a better mind about getting inside a zorb ball and feeling that thrill for yourself. If you are a zorbing fan, you will find this read worth it. 

Zorb Ball Popularity Facts

Since its inception, zorbing has become a significant leisure time fun activity worldwide. Water zorbing is particularly more common among kids and is commonly seen across different fun and amusement parks. However, despite the zeal these Zorb balls offer, there are still many people who restrict themselves from having fun. For such people, here are some fun facts that will help you change your mind for the better:

  • Zorbing has turned into a vast, fun sport all around the globe. The most common is rolling downhill since most zorb parks offer such activity.
  • Many professional athletes and even celebrities have a good time with Zorb balls. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and David Beckham were seen trying zorbing now and then with their kids.
  • Falling may not seem reasonable, but zorbing is entirely safe in the water and grassy areas. It is filled with air and water, making it more fun for people on the inside. These construction materials also make it soft so that it doesn’t harm you in any way.
  • Nowadays, there are many other games and sports involving zorb balls. One typical example is water zorbing, where people float on water while trapped inside zorb balls.
  • Zorbing works as a great stress buster and allows you to feel rejuvenated after an exhausting day. You are just tumbling and rolling inside a zorb ball once will get your mind refreshed and smiling.

Rolling down hills and achieving acrobatic positions inside these balls can help ton your body muscles. To make this sport more enjoyable, you can try rolling downhill, rolling over flat land, or dodging obstacles while moving over flat ground.

Other Facts About Zorb Balls

The joy of falling with your loved ones, tumbling over your heads, and running over water, is simply something that cannot be explained but only experienced. In Winter Olympics 2014, held in Russia, these fun filed Zorb balls were used as its official mascot. Having recognition at such a global level makes every mind curious about some intriguing details about these Zorb balls.

  • Size – Generally, these balls are available in universal sizes that are compatible with everyone. However, on average, they have 3 meters of outer radius and an inner radius of 2 meters. The 1-meter difference is the padding of air, water, or other transparent material that works as a shock absorber.
  • Cost – These Zorb balls are reasonably priced and can be easily bought from places like Kameymall Shopping Center. You can go through their vast collection of Zorb balls and buy a ball of happiness for yourself.

If you love sports and want to experience a whole new feel, then zorbing is made for you. Yes, it is a fun game that serves its purposes very well in cheering you up on any given day. It will take some time, but once you get the hang of it, you will start having so much fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I place an order for Zorb balls?

You can visit Kameymall Shopping Center to order Zorb balls of different types, styles, and sizes. You can check out their huge collection and order a ball that suits you the best and purchase it from there itself.

  • Is there any age limit for zorbing?

Most zorb parks have age restrictions, and you need to be at least ten years old to enjoy this sport. While adults have no restrictions, kids under 10 have this safer option of water zorbing.

  • Does zorbing allow you to get physically fit?

If you love fitness exercises, then zorbing is the best choice for you since it helps you achieve your fitness workouts with a fun twist. In addition, it helps a lot in toning your muscles and boosting your energy levels.

To Summarise

Zorbing is an exciting activity that everyone must try once in their lifetime. The only thing you need to remember when you are inside a Zorb ball is to keep your foot stable even when your adrenaline reaches a high level. With this, you are all set to try zorbing and experience the exhilaration of falling and tumbling in a safe space.

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