YouTube Copyright Claim: Every Detail You Need to Know

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At first, it’s easy to be on YouTube: think of an idea, record yourself with a camera, and upload the video. However, the tricky part comes when you want to make money from your videos and need a YouTube copyright claim.

YouTube has millions of recorded audio on its platform, and it isn’t easy to find if someone has used one that is yours. However, there are new technologies that help you recognize and claim the songs to which you own rights. If you’ve never resolved a copyright claim on YouTube, here are some tips to simplify the process.

What is a copyright claim on YouTube?

A copyright claim on YouTube is when someone says that you are using their content on the platform, and it can be an audio, an image, or a video clip.

A copyright claim on YouTube is when someone says that you are using their content on the platform .

YouTube uses technology to monitor the content people upload to the web, called Content ID. Content ID is an automated tool that manages everything related to copyright claims on YouTube. This tool searches and analyzes the different videos to find if a video has audio, images, or video clips that are being used without permission.

So, if you upload content with Content ID, you will be sure that no one can use your content without your express consent because, if they do use it, Content ID will quickly recognize it.

YouTube copyright claim: How to fix

If someone has claimed any content from your videos, don’t worry! This will not affect your channel severely. In other words, copyright claims on YouTube only involve the video being claimed. However, some options can occur when someone claims your content:

  • If you have used content from other users, they can claim revenue from your video or add ads to it to generate that revenue.
  • Another action they can take is to restrict your video in some countries or regions or block it directly from YouTube, regardless of the territory.
  • In addition, they can also monitor the video to know its performance on the platform, but this will disable monetization. If your video gets views, you may consider enabling monetization later.
  • The last option is that they do not act against the video. You cannot rely on this, as users will probably try to earn revenue from your video if you are using their content.

YouTube copyright claim: How to open a dispute

If you have a copyright claim on YouTube and you know it’s not correct, you can open a dispute.

  1. YouTube Studio account: The first thing you need to do is go to your YouTube Studio account. If you have an official Artist account to upload your music videos, it will be easier for YouTube to recognize your content.
  2. Find the video with the copyright claim: Within your YouTube Studio account, find the video with the copyright claim you want to dispute. Then, tap on the options to see “copyright claims.”
  3. Open a dispute for the copyright claim: In the restrictions section, look for the option “copyright claim” and click “view details.” From there, you only have to look for the possibility that says “select action” and then “dispute.”

After completing the process, YouTube can release your video or remove it from the platform, depending on the result. However, the copyright claim may expire if the person who submitted it does not respond within 30 days.

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Content ownership conflicts

Among the different types of claims on YouTube, one is known as ownership disputes. Content ownership disputes occur when multiple content owners jointly declare more than 100% content ownership in a specific territory.

In other words, an ownership dispute occurs when multiple content owners claim an ownership percentage of more than 100% in a specific region. These ownership conflicts are more complicated to resolve, and you will surely need help. Still, in the meantime, the Republic Network Copyright department has explained to us what they do in these cases to recover blocked or postponed royalties:

  • Carry out an audit
  • Request the necessary information from the client
  • Make a F2F contact with the company in conflict
  • After having presented the pertinent information, we resolve the conflict

As you can see in these steps, these types of conflicts are more tedious to solve, so we recommend you ask a specialized company to help you if you encounter a conflict like this. From the Content and Copyright Management area, the director Vanessa Vélez has told us about the procedure within Republic Network when resolving a copyright claim:

  • “First we must identify the type of conflict, know why it has appeared and be aware of who is claiming that content .” 
  • “Once we have all the information verified, we contact the entities that have claimed the content and, surprisingly, 90% of the claims that reach the Republic Network end up being withdrawn”.

How to make a copyright claim on YouTube

And what happens if someone uses your music in a video? As we have already explained, if you have Content ID, you don’t have to worry since this tool will make the copyright claim for you.

On the other hand, you can work with a publishing company that takes care of your content and ensures that no one uses your music without your permission.

The advantage of working with a company dedicated to the publisher is that they will help you with all the processes related to royalties and licenses, such as synchronization licenses that make your music appear in audiovisual media, for example.

However, to do this manually, you must submit a copyright takedown request to YouTube.

If someone uses your content, you can submit a copyright takedown request to YouTube


What is a YouTube copyright takedown request?

A copyright takedown request is a formal request from a content creator to YouTube to remove a video.

To send this request, click on your profile and select the “help” option. Then, type “submit copyright takedown request” into the search engine and search again for a button with the exact phrase that will open the process to start your request.

Claim vs strike for copyright on YouTube

In case you’re wondering: No, they’re not the same. A copyright strike occurs when the owner of the content being used without permission asks YouTube to remove the video using their content.

Therefore, to ask YouTube to remove a video from the platform, as the content owner, you must show YouTube the documents that show:

  • The rights holder’s contact information (that’s you if you’re the rights holder)
  • A detailed description of the content (audio, image, or video clip) that the channel you’re complaining about is using without permission
  • An affidavit that the material is yours and that it is being used without your consent.

Be careful because a copyright strike on YouTube is a severe warning, and your channel will lose the position of “good reputation” in the eyes of YouTube.

If you continue to use other people’s content without permission and reach three strikes before fixing the previous ones, not only will your channel and uploaded videos be removed, but YouTube will also ban you from the platform, and you will not be able to create a new channel.

Be careful! If you reach three strikes on YouTube your channel and your videos will be removed.


Fair Use on YouTube

YouTube has a legal doctrine known as Fair Use. This concept of fair use refers to using copyrighted material without the owner’s prior authorization.

How to use copyrighted content with Fair Use?

We cannot explain a universal fair-use rule because it depends on each country and its copyright laws.

For example, in the United States, you can only use content from other creators to comment, research, criticize, teach, or do journalistic reporting if you want it to be fair use.

This often happens when creating music on YouTube since many creators criticize, review, or compare different artists. If you think you may need more information, you can always take a look at how music works on YouTube.

If you want to reuse some content, you have to be careful and consider whether it is fair use. On the other hand, when you want to file a copyright claim, you should study whether that person is using your content legitimately. 

When you delve into how to be a better YouTube user, things may seem a little more complicated, but we hope that the Republic Network has clarified your doubts and you start uploading your content without fear of copyright claims.



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