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Why Deepika Padukone Cried during NCB Interrogation?

Why Bollywood Star Deepika Padukone cried during NCB interrogation? How did Deepika Padukone get stuck in the series of NCB questions? As per a news report of Zee News, we tell you how Deepika’s ’emotional breakdown’ happened!

NCB asked questions about taking drugs during interrogation, twisting different questions, and asking NCB to confront actress Deepika Padukone and Karishma Prakash and inquire about their drug chats.

It was a cycle of questions that turned out to be torn

NCB officials both told the same story and said on weed’s question that it was a simply rolled cigarette that is filled with tobacco. And in the code, it is called hash and weed. Popular actress Deepika Padukone was first terrified of the questions and equivocally answered. But when the questions were not over, Deepika’s tears came out.

In the case of drug-taking, Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) asked Deepika such a question that Deepika wept. According to sources, the NCB’s questions made Deepika cry during interrogation. She wept more than once. 

Enforcement Directorate (ED) registers case with NCB

Enforcement Directorate (Ed) had asked the NCB to file a case after Deepika and her manager were found in drug chats in 2017. And later the NCB had registered the case.

Why phones seized?

According to sources, Deepika’s phone has been seized by the NCB. Deepika’s phone is currently with the NCB and this is because the NCB officials are not satisfied with Deepika’s replies. According to sources, NCB has taken over the phones of Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor, Rakul Preet Singh, Karisma Prakash, Simone Khambatta, and Jaya Saha. The data on their mobiles will now be recovered.

50 names mentioned by this one witness

It has been reported that drugs paddler KJ Urf Karamjit, arrested in the drug case, has named 50 people during the interrogation of NCB. And now the NCB wants to match those names by recovering the data of the seized phones. Karamjit has revealed 50 names that have stirred up Bollywood. 

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NCB DG Rakesh Asthana arrives in Mumbai

NCB DG Rakesh Asthana himself is present in Mumbai and has arrived in Mumbai to hold an important meeting with his Delhi team and the Mumbai team. The meeting is being held on the Bollywood drug connection issue.

20 arrested so far

The NCB has so far questioned 35 people and arrested 20 people in the drug case. But the interrogation is not over yet. According to sources, NCB has not yet given a clean chit to anyone. Further inquiries will continue.

What could be the reason for Deepika’s emotional breakdown?

If you talk about Deepika Padukone’s tears, Deepika may also fear that the name of the drugs case will have a very bad impact on her career and brand. 

Deepika’s crying and taking a break in the middle of quizzing more than once seems to have been sent by Deepika’s legal team to prepare her to answer the questions. But what the NCB receives from Deepika’s cellphone would be also very important.

What does the breakdown mean?

The breakdown, what it means; is very important because of your inability to answer the questions. You don’t have to escape that way anymore. Then there is a breakdown or is it Deepika’s emotional atrocity? However, the links will now be added by retrieving their phone data.



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