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Why Botox is So Popular, and What It can Help to Treat on the Body?

People all over the world look for ways to help turn back the clock on the signs of stress and aging within the face, especially in today’s times of online workplaces where our faces are recorded and played back to us more than ever.

While many seek out full cosmetic plastic surgery at skilled clinics like Toronto Plastic Surgeons, these types of clinics can offer non-surgical alternatives as well.

Botox is one such treatment that has drastically soared in popularity over the last few years, with an increase of these procedures up as much as 50% in some clinics.

But what is causing Botox to see such a boom, leading so many to turn to it to help turn back the clock? The following are a few reasons why.

Botox is Accessible

While full cosmetic surgeries can require weeks or even months of downtime to fully recover from them, Botox is a very quick, non-invasive procedure that only takes about roughly 15 minutes to perform and generally has no downtime at all. Sometimes minor bruising can occur, but not more than should last longer than a weekend.

While it can take a few hours for the Botox to settle into the face, regular activities such as exercise and makeup application can take place directly after this period.

Botox is Cheap

While cosmetic plastic surgery can cost thousands of dollars at a time, Botox is very cheap in comparison, often only costing $10 to $20 per unit of measurement. As for the number of units required during a procedure, that can depend on which area of the body it is performed, as well as the intended effect.

For example, areas with deeper lines and wider canvas, such as the forehead and brows, can take approximately 10-30 units of Botox, while smaller areas such as the cheeks or lips may only need 2-4 units of Botox. Even at this rate, a more extensive Botox will run a person mere hundreds of dollars in comparison to the thousands that surgery can cost.

Botox Treats Many Things

Botox doesn’t just treat lines and wrinkles on the face; it also helps to treat a variety of other issues, such as the following:

Grinding of Teeth

By injecting a small amount of Botox into the jaw, the muscles within them relax, allowing for involuntary grinding of the teeth to cease, whether it’s casually through the day or while we sleep. It is important to note that this will only affect the involuntary grinding and that a person’s ability to speak or chew will not be altered by the procedure.


It has been shown that Botox injections can lower the frequency and harshness of chronic migraines. It is thought the reason for this is that Botox blocks the pain receptors.


When injected into sweat gland areas such as the armpits and palms, Botox can help to reduce sweat production.

Preventing Bladder Accidents

Botox can be used to help relax the muscles that can cause bladder contractions involuntarily.

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