Who are Ahead in Global Race for Covid-19 Vaccine?

According to data from the United Nations on 22 July, three organizations are in the third phase of testing to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.


The Chinese company Synovac is working on inventing a vaccine based on the inactive part of the Covid-19 disease. The vaccine has shown considerable success in the first round of trials. Now the third phase of the vaccine test is going to start on thousands of people in Brazil and Bangladesh.

Oxford University

The vaccine is being developed in a joint venture between Oxford and the pharmaceutical company Estrogenaca by genetically modifying a virus that causes the common cold-cough in chimpanzees. This vaccine bears a resemblance to the coronavirus and then the immune system inside the body realizes how the coronavirus can be attacked and defeated. Researchers have recently begun testing the third phase of the vaccine in Brazil and South Africa. Clinical trials of the vaccine will also begin in India.

University of Melbourne / Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute in Australia is conducting a third phase of testing for a lung vaccine that is about 100 years old. Although the vaccine does not directly protect against Covid-19, it can boost the body’s immune system.

There are as many initiatives in the world to invent the corona vaccine:

According to the latest data from the United Nations on July 20, there are 173 initiatives in the world to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

According to the BBC, 140 vaccines have not yet been tested in humans. This is called a ‘pre-clinical trial’. Scientists are still researching these vaccines, testing their effectiveness by applying them to animals.

In addition, 19 vaccination activities are in the first stage, i.e. clinical testing has started. At this stage, the vaccine is administered to a small group of people to see if it is safe. It also examines how much it affects the body’s immune system.

There are 11 possible vaccines in the second phase. At this stage, the safety of these vaccines is being verified. At this stage, by testing the vaccine on hundreds of people, scientists try to determine its safety and the right level.

In addition, the world is now in the early stages of testing the third phase of three vaccines. At this stage, the effectiveness of the vaccine is tested on thousands of people to see how safe it is, how effective it is, and whether there are any major side effects when the vaccine is given. The final approval of the vaccine is usually given only after success here. According to UN rules, the third stage test has to be done in a country other than the vaccine manufacturer.


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