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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Early Oxford Vaccine Trials Show Strong Immune Response

The results of Oxford vaccine trial have been published in the well-known medical journal The Lancet and are promising in the fight against the coronavirus.

Early trials with the Covid-19 vaccine from the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca and University of Oxford demonstrate that it is safe. Additionally, it creates an early-stage immune response in healthy volunteers against Covid-19. The study results appear in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.

According to preliminary results, the vaccine causes few side effects and generates strong immune responses of antibodies against Covid-19, after 28 days of vaccination, in addition to T cells within 14 days.

During clinical trials by Oxford experts, 1,077 volunteers showed an injection led them to produce antibodies and white blood cells that can fight the virus.

“We hope this means that the immune system will remember the virus, so that our vaccine will protect people for a long period of time, “said study lead author Andrew Pollard of University of Oxford.

Although he adds: “However, we need more research before we can confirm that the vaccine effectively protects against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) infection and for how long any protection lasts,” he says.

The clinical trial did not show whether the vaccine protects against coronavirus infection, according to a report of NBC News. This might be known in the phase three trials, which are taking place in three countries — Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Few Side effects

The presence of side effects is very low in this vaccine and very important in the hypothetical case of immunizing the most vulnerable groups. The researchers note most of those that occur are minor and could be reduced by combining the vaccine with paracetamol, without serious vaccine-related adverse events.

AstraZeneca, which is developing this immunization, notes that it has signed agreements with several governments around the world to supply the vaccine in the event that it is ultimately effective and can obtain regulatory approval.

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