What Do Don’t Tread on Me Flags Mean?

A flag is one of the fundamental aspects of a country. People often have a common tongue, religion, or customs, but the flag is the universal symbol that unites them all. 

The first official flag of the United States was invented in 1777 and has remained a pillar of patriotism ever since. Aside from the official flag, there have been several unofficial flags that Americans have used to display their love of country. One of these is the Don’t Tread on Me flag. 

These tips will teach you about Don’t Tread on Me flags, what they mean, and how you can buy them.

The Meaning of Don’t Tread on Me Flags

Freedom, liberty, and justice are some of the main principles expressed with the Don’t Tread on Me flag. This flag, also called the Gadsden flag, espouses these virtues with express and simple symbolism. 

It is a rallying cry for independence that has historic foundations, and the meaning remains today. It applies to the United States, but the meaning can also apply to any other aspect of life when people feel that their freedom is being impeded upon. 

The Origin of the Flag

The Don’t Tread on Me Flag has origins that date back to the original colonies. The settlers were under the oppression of the British and wanted their own country with full representation. It is filled with flag symbolism that dates back to the Revolutionary War, which set the tone for American mindsets today. 

Here are some of the key points of origin that you need to know about Don’t Tread on Me flags:

The Creator of the Flag

Before looking into flag buying, make sure that you know how and why this flag was created. It was originally invented by Christopher Gadsen. Gadsen was a politician that represented South Carolina while he was alive during this time. 

He was a military man with extensive experience in battle and represented his state during the first Continental Congress. 

The First Continental Congress

When you look into Don’t Tread on Me history, you can look no further than the first Continental Congress. This was the meeting that started it all when representatives from all over the colonies converged upon Philadephia seeking solutions to the issues they were having with the British. 

Both Benjamin Franklin and Gadsen were in attendance. Though Gadsen created the flag, he was also inspired by some artwork and an essay that Franklin had published. The illustration in question was a snake divided into 13 different segments. The segments represented the 13 colonies at the time. Along with the snake, Franklin had included the words “Join or Die”, along with an essay breaking down the current plight of the settlement. 

The discussions facing the soon-to-be country would permeate society at the time, which informed Gadsen when he decided to create his flag. 

Gadsen Presents His Flag

During a meeting with the South Carolina Provincial Congress, Gadsen presented his flag. This was documented in a journal at the time, and the flag was well-received. 

Rather than the “Join or Die” message, Gadsen included the phrase “Don’t Tread on Me”, and the rest is history. Not only was the flag well-received, but it was also used in battle for the first time following the presentation. 

Colors and Symbols of the Flag

You can understand more about the Don’t Tread on Me meaning when you study the colors and symbolism of the flag. In addition to the snake and the message, this flag is set in a yellow background

The rattlesnake is coiled in the grass, ready to strike at any moment. The symbolism behind the flag is that the snake is ready to strike any time it is trodden upon. This message shows that Americans are willing and ready to fight to defend their freedom whenever it is threatened to be taken. 

It is a powerful message and a rallying cry that remains to this day. 

Learn About Flag Buying

Now that you know about the meaning of the flag, it’s important that you look into making a purchase that works for you. When you know how to shop around, it’s easier to find a company that sells the ultimate flags and gives you plenty of options. 

Start by knowing what you are looking for, and figure out your price range. When you browse your options with flag shops, you will see an assortment of different price options and can figure out how they work with your budget. Consider how many flags you need to buy and consider whether or not they have any promotions or discounts in place. 

Check out the size of the flag to make sure that you can display it boldly wherever you decide to hang it. Look into the materials of the flag as well to make sure that it can hold strong in weather conditions. You should also learn about the best way to take care of the flag so that you can regularly clean it, treat it, and prevent it from being damaged beyond repair. Check out the company’s return policy as well in case you are dissatisfied with your purchase.

Shop for the Right Flag

These tips are helpful when you’re interested in buying don’t tread on me flags. This flag is one of the most powerful statements in American history. Use these points so that you can get the most out of your shopping process. 

Start here and check out our other articles to help you get the most from your flag ownership.

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