Too Much Vitamin C Can Cause Side Effects

Vitamin C strengthens immunity. Due to Coronavirus people consumed plenty of vitamin C tablets. But vitamin C can also be dangerous for your health. Know the side effects of Vitamin C here.

Coronavirus has made people more health conscious in 2020. Last year, one of the most-searched word on the Internet was “Immunity”. Coronavirus has made people extremely serious about their health. People began to adopt several prescriptions to increase immunity. Those who did not like to eat fruit are now beginning to include all fruits and supplements in their meal.

Fruits and supplements containing Vitamin C are among the most-talked about in the Coronavirus period. 

Side Effects of Vitamin C

Find out here what side effects vitamin C cause and how much it should be taken.

Feeling sickness

Eating more vitamin C tablets can cause nausea. Therefore, it is better to eat vitamin C fruits instead of medicine to increase immunity. Fruits are less likely to cause such problems.

Abdominal cramps

Excess intake of Vitamin C can cause stomach cramps or cramps. This can also disturb your stomach system. Therefore, do not use a large amount of vitamin C products.


This may worsen your stomach. The problem of constipation can also increase with vomiting and diarrhea. It can also dehydrate your body.


The most deadly side effects of vitamin C include heartburn problems. In this situation you will feel irritation in the lower and upper part of the chest. Hence, consult a doctor before taking vitamin C.

Insomnia or headache

You may consume vitamin C tablets to increase immunity, but excess intake can cause insomnia and headache problems. This can aggravate discomfort while sleeping. Also, there may be an anxiety problem.


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