How a Virtual Office Can Help With Challenges Facing Law Firms?

As we evolve in our lifestyle and businesses, the functionality of law firms is also changing. If a law firm wants to progress with new technology, and global events – they have to come up with the best strategies and ways to respond. Regardless of your business niche, clients are another driving force behind change.

The clients looking for law firms want lawyers to provide more services at lower costs. However, they expect the same level of customer service and experience. You can make your customers feel valued by giving them some discounts on your hourly rate. However, that does not go far. You have to pay your staff and take care of overhead expenses. If you are wondering how your law firm or any other business can face these challenges, you are not alone. It is a question that most firms fail to answer. Fortunately, there are numerous ways through which businesses and cut overhead costs and become more efficient. In this article, we will help you explore one option that is the answer to all your questions – virtual office services.

Virtual Office and Law Firm: A Combination That You Need

With time, most law firm owners have realized that they do not need an expensive commercial office. They understand that most of their daily tasks can be carried out with a just chair and a desk. Most law firms have now concluded that most of their work can be accomplished remotely. However, when you have a legal business you certainly need a physical space or an address to enhance the authenticity of your work. You might need office space on specific occasions, for instance, hosting or attending a meeting.

This is where you can use a virtual office. Virtual offices are an ideal solution for law firms that need part-time and temporary office spaces. With a virtual office, you can get to choose the time for your office need. You can select how many hours and space your lawyers would need. Most virtual offices come with a meeting and conference room facility. You can use this space for partner meetings, discovery reviews, presentations, and other important meetings.

How virtual offices help lawyers to get more work done

As lawyers, there is so much on your plate to do. However, with a virtual office, you can get your hands-off some of the major tasks. Tasks such as mailing motions, answering phones, and other administrative tasks can be outsourced to a virtual assistant. Most virtual offices provide complimentary virtual assistance. A virtual assistant can be assigned repetitive tasks, so you do not have to worry about having a full-time staff. This will save you on the resource expense.  Moreover, they can handle the administrative work for you, so you do not have to worry about building an administration for your business.

Remote helpers are magnificent at handling calls from current and expected customers. You can provide them with scripts and rebuttals, and they will provide information about your firm to your clients. They can be trained to make follow-up calls with your clients, schedule appointments, send reminders and handle any other administrative tasks that are needed. There is no doubt that technology can save you on most of the cost; however, any customer would still love to speak with a real person. A virtual assistant offers exceptional customer service without having to hire a full-time staff. This approach can also help you gain more customers as exceptional customer service can make a huge difference. People would be more inclined to choose your firm over the competition.

Another benefit of having a virtual assistant is that they are paid only for the hours that the assistants work, and not for the time they spend making coffee or other coworkers. You do not need to provide them with travel benefits, vacation leaves, or sickness leaves. These costs that you save can be passed on to your clients by waving some of your service fees for them and retaining them for a longer time.

Today the mindset and workflow have changed. People are more inclined to services that offer more at fewer prices. However, only you can understand that a law firm is much more than reduced money. A virtual office is an excellent way to retain and hunt more clients, as it saves you a lot of money. You can cut out on unnecessary costs by reducing billable hours, reducing full-time staff, and working with in-house employees. Moreover, using technology for most of your tasks is a time-efficient and cost-saving way to run your law firm. You can look for virtual offices or virtual assistant providers, and select the best package that suits your business needs.

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