How To Keep Track Of Your Work Hours

1. Use Schedules And To-Do Lists

Schedules allow you to prioritize the urgent and important tasks without overlooking important but less urgent ones. In order to get your time management right, you have to create lists of tasks.

Before leaving for work, take a few minutes to write a list of all important tasks to tackle for the day. By the time you’ll get to work, you’ll already know what are the most important things to do during your work hours. By making this list ahead of time, you can focus on actually doing the work instead of trying to figure out what to start with.

If you want, you can create daily to-do lists for the whole week or use work time tracker tools. If you’ve just turned your hobby into a business, you’ll find this advice particularly helpful, as it will allow you to allocate your time resources more effectively between your different tasks and projects.

To-do lists are a simple yet powerful way to boost your morale and to stay motivated to work until you reach success. A to-do list can be more than a piece of paper. You can consider using software tools and smart techniques to keep track of your time and to make your task list a personal thing, created specifically to suit your working preferences. Click here to download an effective time tracking tool to help you get organized.

2. Use Spreadsheets Instead Of Paper Timesheets

Excel spreadsheets are another excellent tool to help you track your time. Creating timesheets in Excel is easy, once you learn how this software tool works. Besides, you can easily generate reports based on input data. If you take into account that digital spreadsheets are more reliable than paper timesheets, you can see why you should consider using them.

Keep in mind, though, that spreadsheets are efficient time tracking tools, but they can’t automatically record your time spent on different projects or tasks. You need to brace yourself for manually entering times and for monitoring every task you work on.

3. Use Time Tracking Apps

Time tracking apps and project management software tools can help you track your time without having to do anything else than set up those timers to start when you start writing and then stop the moment you’re done. Such apps are able to run in the background and record all of your activities without you having to enter your times manually.

Make sure you test the app before purchasing it. Not all apps suit all types of businesses or projects. Furthermore, some of these software tools are expensive, so you have to ensure you do have the budget for that. The ideal time tracking app should be easy to install and to use, it should allow you to generate various reports, track timesheets and allocate time to different tasks or projects.

4. Invest In Creating Organized Systems

By spending time organizing your work, you’ll be able to boost your productivity. An organized system would allow you to find everything you need much faster, and therefore save at least a couple of minutes each and every time you search for specific information or document. Multiply this by the number of items you use during a workday and you’ll see how much time you can save by organizing your systems.

5. Assess The Time You Need To Complete Your Tasks

You can use a time tracker to do this. Start by creating your to-do lists. Then move to assess how much time each item on these lists should take. This method should allow you to identify the high-priority tasks and the very time-consuming ones you may want to postpone for the next day.

6. Choose The Right Time Tracking Method For Your Business

Tracking time in your company won’t make your employees happy. Nobody welcomes such measures. When choosing a time tracking system, make sure you understand what your employees need and how the workflow unfolds. This new tool should be easy to use and flexible.

7. Know Your Focus

Time tracking apps offer a wealth of options. This doesn’t mean you have to use them all. Pick the ones that are the most relevant to your business and pay close attention to the correct prioritization of all tasks.

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