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7 Things You Need Before Joining Hockey Lessons

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Hockey is one of the most beloved sports in the world. As a result, field and ice hockey have gained much popularity, with more and more people training themselves to become professional players.

However, you can’t play hockey unless you have the proper equipment at your disposal.

The ice hockey apparel market was estimated to be about USD 470.14 million in 2022.

So here are some of the most important things you must consider before joining hockey lessons.

1. Hockey Stick

Needless to say, you can’t play hockey without a hockey stick. It measures about 26 to 38.5 inches, depending on the physical stature of the person using it, and has a hook-shaped end.

There are four main types of hockey sticks, namely shorti, midi, maxi, and J-hook. Mid-field players use the shorti-shaped stick, whereas strikers use the midi ones.

Defenders or attackers of the hockey game use the maxi hockey sticks, and the defenders play the J-hook one.

Remember, this is one of the most important gears of the game. So, you must only buy your hockey stick from trustworthy and quality brands.

If you’re confused about where to buy your Hockey gear, then Ritual Hockey is your ideal website. It has various hockey apparel and equipment, from sticks to balls and gloves.

2. Shoes

Again, the kind of shoes that you want to wear will depend on the surface where you’ll play.

For example, the shoes worn by a professional hockey player on a grass field will be much different from those of an ice hockey player.

Cleats are the best choice if you’re training on a grass field. The soles have larger studs, allowing you to run faster and make smoother cuts.

But if you’re playing in an indoor hockey court, then court shoes will be ideal since they have a better grip.

3. Slide Boards

Few people have heard of slide boards, which are important for training sessions. The board will allow you to do your speed and strength training in a unique way that will maintain your posture throughout the session.

You’ll get speed and condition training together when you use a slide board.

This way, your body muscles will work together to produce maximum effect. Beyond this, you can even work out your extensor muscles to get a stronger stride.

4. Mouth and Shin Guards

In any game, injury is inevitable. However, wearing proper guards can ensure that the impact of any kind of accident is minimal and nothing major occurs.

Similarly, hockey players should ideally wear mouth and shin guards to protect themselves from sudden injuries.

A mouth guard is compulsory for every match, and a shin guard is optional but preferred.

But it’s important to invest in guards that are made of sturdy materials. Otherwise, they won’t be able to absorb the knocks that come your way.

5. Hockey Tape

Many hockey players don’t use electrical tape, but professionals know how necessary it is.

An electrical tape is used to tape the bottom of your hockey stick so that it’s protected from wear and tear and dents. Beginners often use this tape to stop the ball from rolling.

6. Forearm Grip Tool 

Your forearms are bound to feel sore when you’re playing a hockey match or going through a rigorous training session.

To strengthen them, a forearm grip tool can be useful. This disc-shaped training equipment improves your shot power, shot accuracy, and how well you’re able to release the ball.

Hockey players with the best shot often have the strongest grips, and training your forearms is a big part of working out. When you pull and push the grip tools, your arm muscles will develop gradually.

7. Helmet

In a hockey match, only the goalkeeper is supposed to always wear a helmet. So, if you’re aiming to be a goalkeeper, you must ensure that you buy a good helmet that will protect you from possible accidents.

Moreover, the helmet should be designed in a way that it fits comfortably and provides you with a wide vision throughout the game.

You’ll also want to ensure that the cage on the helmet is fully functional and that there are no missing parts.

Over to You…

These are the most basic equipment you need during your hockey lessons. So look online and start buying these items today!



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