The Strasberg Method on Google Arts & Culture

As it turns out, Giovanni Morassutti actor and founder of cultural center, Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence, in collaboration with Google Arts and Culture, is launching an online exhibition, on the history and peculiarities of the discussed”Method” from Stanislavsky to Lee Strasberg. 

The Actors Studio in New York
The Actors Studio in New York. Drawing by Jill Gill

On Google Arts & Culture is available to all users the online exhibition “Strasberg Legacy” curated by Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence which tells in a new way the history of the realistic school of acting, from its beginnings in Russia to John Strasberg’s Organic Creative Process for the audience to learn what is beyond the famous Method Acting, The Strasberg family and the Actors Studio of New York. 

The Group Theatre
The Group Theatre. Photo from Wikimedia Commons

As said by Giovanni Morassutti: “I am very pleased to partner with Google Arts & Culture. I feel that this is an important step in the realization of my dream and I am glad my project is getting recognized. I believe that good art, like good theater can tell the truth and that it is essential to reconnect with our emotions especially in this moment of change. The search for truth in artistic expression is basically the basis of the work of the realistic school of acting.”

Part of the story is narrated by Strasberg himself through rare interviews conducted by Giovanni Morassutti under the portico of the church of St Anthony of Padua at Art Aia – Creatives / In / Residence and also in Berlin during a Masterclass, through a John Strasberg’s audio recording of visiting Berlin with his family in the early 60s while the wall was being just built. There are also curiosities about Marylin Monroe and her coach Paula, second wife of Lee Strasberg and mother of John and Susan.


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