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Thank The Gurus In Your Life This Teacher’s Day With These Thoughtful Gestures

The literal meaning of the word “Guru” means teacher. In ancient times the term was used to refer to saints or Gods who would teach their ‘shishyas’ and help them achieve their goals in life. However, today this term has a broader meaning as it is believed that the term guru refers to all the people in your life who have guided you through the journey and not just your teachers, but also your parents or anyone who has in some point of your life taught you one thing or the other. Therefore, gurus come in all forms and Teacher’s Day celebrates the presence of such people in your life. Every year Teacher’s Day is celebrated on the 5th of September and it is a great opportunity for you compared to real-life teacher’s. Well,  to make things easier for you, we have curated a list of ideas to thank the ‘Teacher’s’ in your life. Have a look.

Write A Thankyou Letter: If you wish to give your teacher a heart-touching gift, one of the best ways to thank them is to write them a lovely letter, expressing gratitude and love for all they have done for you. Express your deepest feelings and tell them how they have helped you shape your life the better way. Describe how your journey would have been incomplete without them and that there are not words enough to thank them truly. Your teacher would love the efforts you have made in writing this letter and this will surely raise their emotional side.

 Treat Them With A Dessert: A dessert is a special way to say thanks to your teacher and you can customise a beautiful cake to thank all the teacher’s of your life. From decadent chocolate flavours to delicious vanilla flavours, there are a lot of cake options that you can choose from to delight them. The teachers of your life deserve a special thanks, so what better way to say it with a delicious cake. So, order cake online and thank them for their unconditional efforts.

 Give A Personalized Gift: Customised gifts are the best way to express love and care for your teacher and therefore, you can opt to give a customised gift to them. There are a lot of personalized gift options available in the market including customised photo frames, wall hangings, lamps, and much more and a touch of personalization can make them feel special .

 Gift Green Plants: Just like we nurture plants to grow, your teacher has nurtured you to be the person you are and this relationship cannot be better explained than giving green plants as a gift to your teacher. You can opt for air-purifying plants like corn plant, snake plants or good luck plants like money plants and jade plants. Moreover, pair these green friends with personalised planters that will add further charm to your gift.

 Send Them Flowers And Greeting Card: Flowers are one of the best ways to express gratitude and therefore, send the teacher’s of your life these lovely blooms to thank them for all they have done for you. You can opt for yellow lilies, pink roses, purple tulips and many other such blooming beauties to make your teacher feel special. You can also opt for a beautiful arrangement of mixed colourful flowers or opt for flower boxes with messages. Do not forget to compliment the bouquet with a beautiful greeting card and pen down your feelings to express gratitude and love.

Well, these are some of the easiest and simplest gestures that you can show to the teachers in your life that will make them feel special and loved on the special occasion of teacher’s Day.

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