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Strangest Movie Weapons

Action movies typically have a lot of explosions and characters bristling with the latest technological weapons of destruction. But nothing comes even close to the unbelievably strange weapons found in a science fiction movie. 

In the world of Sci-Fi, we’re not talking about the latest compilation of complete upper receivers and lower receivers to make a weapon to end all weapons. Any science fiction action movie is guaranteed to have a mass of weapon gadgetry that can blow you away – literally.

While you can probably produce a few examples on your own, here are a few of the strangest and most awesome weapons used in some of the best and not-so-hot Sci-Fi movies. 

Death Star

This strange movie weapon is more than likely what everyone thinks of first, so it deserves top billing or first honorable mention. When you think Star Wars, you think of Darth Vader and, of course, the Death Star.  

Although not a star, this moon-sized ship hovering in your planet’s outer space is not there to give you something pretty to enjoy on a late summer night. It’s there to eradicate your entire world with a single burst from its super-laser. The Death Star gives an entirely different meaning to the term of one shot, one kill. If you see a strange moon resembling a Death Star circling your planet, you may want to get your affairs in order.

Light Saber

In keeping with the Star Wars theme for just a little bit, who doesn’t know the destructive power of a lightsaber? The lightsaber is a sword on plasmatic electricity steroids that can cut through anything.

Each color of shimmering electricity tells a story about the person wielding it. If you’re genuinely fortunate, you can even possess one that spits destruction out on both ends of the handle. How effective is a lightsaber in the hands of an expert? Ask Luke Skywalker how quickly it can lop off a hand.

Cricket Anyone

Strangely small but able to blast a hole in a concrete wall, the Small Cricket is one of the best and probably one of the most paradoxical weapons in the multi-verse.

In Men in Black, Agent J gets his first opportunity to examine a mass of bulky plasma cannons. Although hoping to compensate with one of the bigger weapons in the cache, he receives a tiny little pistol that he can hold with a thumb and index finger.

The first time Agent J pulls the trigger of the Small Cricket, it not only almost destroys a shop, but the recoil sends him flying backward. Perhaps the Small Cricket design is for some of the aliens’ more delicate and diminutive features, but as everyone knows, big things often come in small packages.

More Than a Pretty Bracelet

One of the stranger weapons you will encounter is the bracelet Daniel Craig discovered on his wrist when he regained consciousness in the movie Cowboys and Aliens.

More than just a pretty bracelet, this weapon could and did blow holes in more than just aliens. When properly utilized, the bracelet could bring down an attacking alien ship with a single blast.

Unfortunately, Jake Lonergan, played by Mister Craig, suffered from amnesia and didn’t know how to operate the weapon until almost the very last moment. When he does, the results are a spectacular light show of mayhem and destruction.

It’s Hammer Time

Unless your name is Thor and you hail from Asgard, you may think the Mjolnir is a fancy Asgardian name for Thor’s hammer. Anyone handy with tools probably has a hammer or two in their tool chest. But not like this one.  

Thor’s hammer doesn’t just provide him with the ability to pound a few nails. It gives the God of Thunder the ability to fly. Thor’s hammer can produce the power of an earthquake and millions of volts of electricity that can reduce any foe to powder in the blink of an eye.

How many hammers have you ever used that can do that?

Clawing To the Top of The Food Chain

At the top of the list of strange weapons used in a movie are the adamantium claws of death and destruction Wolverine produces when it comes time to battle.

While the type of material is a mechanically biological wonder, the ability of Wolverine to slash through flesh like it was hot butter or steel like it was a thin piece of paper is a little bit terrifying.

Go ahead and make Wolverine angry. When those claws start inching out between the knuckles of his hands, you need to back away and start running.

It’s Just a Phase

In the late sixties, one of the first strange weapons Ray Bradberry introduced us to was a hand-held phaser. In Star Trek, the phaser Captain Kirk traditionally wielded resembled a space-age-looking handgun, but the resemblance to a pistol stopped right there.

Instead of shooting bullets, this tiny little gun spewed a laser beam that would eradicate even the most challenging opponent. In some of the kill or be killed episodes of Star Trek, no one was happier the phaser could punch a hole in an alien than Captain Kirk, and members of his crew were.

But it wasn’t only death and mayhem the phaser could dole out. Not only could the phaser kill an opponent, but when set to stun, it would immobilize an aggressor.

A phaser set on stun lent itself to a more humanitarian way of crowd suppression. Think of it as a futuristic stun-gun that can spit death and destruction if need be and yet, possesses a softer side.

So, whether you’re wearing a bracelet of death or prefer to have claws of adamantium oozing out between your knuckles, the movies have provided ideas for some of the strangest weapons of all time. These are the types of weaponry most of us would love to have in our arsenal.

Suffice it to say, if your hammer does more than drive a six-penny nail into a piece of wood and can get you from Los Angeles to New York in less than three minutes without the benefit of an airplane, you may want to consider holding on to it.

We have it on good authority that some of these creatures in the multi-verse are nasty characters.

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