A Complete Guide to Stainless Steel Investment Casting Process

The stainless steel investment casting process is used for the preparation of those things in which accurate dimension is needed. It is specific because of this casting process, metal in the accurate dimension is gained. The process of investment casting involves the formation of wax shells and then the rounding of ceramic, shell, and other material around it. Then, the heat is provided to the metal in this way the stainless steel casting investment casting process is complete. But, here we will provide you with a step-by-step guide about the investment casting process.


Mold is a shape in which the customer wants to get the stainless steel investment casting product. Usually, we have two molds during the stainless steel investment casting process. In one mold, the product is poured and from the other mold, the pouring material is covered, and then it is pressed with the help of tools. There are different types of materials that you can use during the formation of molds such as Aluminum which has a low melting point. But, here in the stainless steel investment casting process, we will use the wax in the mold.


Wax samples are used in the final product and these models are made by putting the wax in the already prepared mold. The already prepared molds are used only for the preparation of stainless steel casting. The wax is poured into the molds and it is verified that all the process is done smoothly. If any kind of error appears then the process is repeated to prevent the upcoming mistake.

Assembly of WAX SAMPLE

The wax samples that are made one by one now have the right time to give them the shape of a tree that occurs in the form of branching. The basic purpose of branching is to get more shapes containing identical copies. After making their branching the wax trees are sprayed with attractive colors to increase their appearance. Then the ceramic material is coated on it to get the final product of stainless steel investment casting.

Removing of WAX 

The important step in the investment casting is to remove the wax to get the pure form of the final product. In this, the wax is removed from the two ways that are most commonly used in the industry. One is with the help of steam the substance is kept in the steam and wax melts. Second, there is the use of fire, as heat is given to the substance the wax removes at that time and this process is very easy.

The melting wax sometimes goes into waste, where high-quality products are formed every time new Wax material is used. But, with a lack of resources, the filter material of wax can be reused again.

Take off Shell’s 

After completion of the process, the shell is taken off. This can be done with the help of mechanical process labor who can complete this task easily. Some materials are present from which the shell can be easily removed.

Individual shell cutting

When this process is complete, the shell is cut off with the help of different instruments to obtain the individual products. But, in the stainless steel investment casting process we can make only those products that are present in the small size. Large-size products lose the tightness during the formation through the stainless steel investment casting process. Read more for more information.


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