5 Android Apps for Tracking Smartphone Activities

Have you ever thought about why and how Android monitors? With the boom in Social Media Applications on the Android platform and the influx in web browsing, it is evident that people are willing to keep tabs on the activities of people they care about.

Also, there are ways to track a phone of spouses/kids/employees. There are monitoring applications for your Android phone that can come in handy for such a purpose. Android monitoring Applications can help one hack their photos, spy on others’ smartphones, call logs, messages, location, Social App data, and browsing patterns. To read more on how to track Android phone, provided are 5 Android monitoring Apps.


mSpy is one popular Android monitor and is quite robust and reliable. It can also track messages, WhatsApp, calls, emails, location, etc., and is the much-needed one-stop solution to Android activities. It also comes with a free online help portal for initial installation and setup. Moreover, you can easily access and satisfy trackers by providing them with the convenience of remote monitoring. Besides, mSpy also helps to know the happenings, protect your near and dear ones, and prevent activities in times of need.


  • It can be operated on any browser.
  • Initial setup and installation come with a guide and are pretty simple.
  • No need to root the device.


  • Securely stores, backups, and exports data.
  • Monitors multiple devices.
  • Block calls/websites remotely.


  • Users are unsure of which plan to buy.
  • Does not allow call recording.

Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker is one of the phone monitoring apps for Android to track others’ location and view their whereabouts. Moreover, the cell tracker does not need exclusive access to the target device, allowing you to work through all carriers and networks. In addition, it comes with a free and instant installation/download facility to allow accurate and swift tracking. It also helps determine who your spouse/kids/business partner is in touch with.


  • Helps to rescue people in need/danger
  • Great way to share your address accurately
  • Comes in handy during an emergency


  • Helps locate misplaced devices
  • Helps against thefts
  • Helps find out the ETA of family and friends

Children Tracker

If you wish to know how to silently track a phone of your child or simply how to track a phone, the children tracker Android monitoring Application is an ideal parental control application to find out all the whereabouts of kids and know where they leave for at what time. It allows you to know about child safety. Furthermore, the app gives you a driving duration to reach your children and rescue them in case they are in any kind or form of danger or trouble.


  • It gives the shortest path to reach the kids’ location.
  • Watch your kid’s movements remotely.
  • It helps you chat with family.


  • It helps to track accurate location in real-time.
  • Easy to use and simple interface.


This Android monitor initially began as an iPhone-only App and was launched for Android later. Besides, the iKeyMonitor App can spy through your kids’ phones and record calls, GPS locations, messages, websites visited, and many more. The app can also keep close to 50 logs saved at one time and assists in taking screenshots for evidence without going through your Android phone. This is one software that intends for legal use and doesn’t entertain hacking for any unlawful purposes.


  • Tracks full call logs, SMS trails, and emails.
  • Keystroke feature for all Apps.
  • Keylogging feature available for all languages.


  • Capture screenshots of every activity.
  • Offers free demo downloads to test features and work.
  • Undetectable App on the target device.

MobiStealth Android Monitoring Software

MobiStealth is one of the Android monitoring Apps to track your spouse/kids/employees. This is also software available for PC and can be installed as an App for real-time location tracking activities. Meanwhile, it can track company-owned phones and work around the clock even when the target individual is far away from your location. It also comprises comprehensive computer monitoring tools and features to monitor PC and Android remotely.


  • Email logging feature to track received/sent and draft emails.
  • Record calls secretly.
  • Remotely erase data or save files.


  • Economical and affordable.
  • No rooting is required.
  • Easy-to-use interface.


  • Lacks demo guidelines
  • Users cannot block calls remotely.

Final Note

In the end, you can learn ways of tracking a phone or go through techmaish.com to find more relevant content.

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