Storage Server: Concept and Usage Features

The storage dedicated server is a platform designed for remote work with digital files. The owner can use it to manage, share and protect virtual files (personal and/or commercial). Hosted storage has limited capacity, but a simple interface and increased memory compensate for this disadvantage.

Areas of use

Emerging entrepreneurs need a full-fledged database but are restricted in free space for a static module. Optimal option – buy a platform for organizing materials. Additional applications include the following: 

  • full-fledged digital depository. Computers are not overloaded, and the convenience of entry is preserved – a valuable aspect for small productions, offices, and private enterprises with little physical resources;
  • storing backup copies of essential documents. Cyber​​attacks can occur even with installing reliable latest generation antivirus software. Backups are a great way to save information. A reliable big storage server covers the needs of even a large firm;
  • centralized admission. The administrator can set it up by designating access rights to customers.

The process of transferring content is relatively simple. Progressive companies apply similar platforms as a remote commercial information database: personal files of customers and correspondence. They can accumulate gigabytes of space, so it’s necessary to free up room on the local disk. Storage hosting solves this problem. All files are reliably protected from hacking/theft, while the administrator or specified users will have regular admission.

Benefits of the solution

Cloud service is used to systematize private information; for example, Google Drive is a popular virtual solution. Its disadvantage – is low security against hacking. For the safety of the corporate informational base, it’s better to get along with a full-fledged depository. A limited budget allows for choosing the optimal infrastructure.

Creating even a local infrastructure is financially expensive for entrepreneurs. Furnishing the premises, purchasing, setting up equipment, and hiring specialists raise expenses. The storage server allows for building a system while staying within the budget. In addition to high scalability and availability, this way of organizing data is considered the most secure due to the reduced number of vulnerabilities. Real-time data update simplifies the work of departments and optimizes employee engagement. It improves the comfort level of document management.

Recommendations for choosing the right solution

Consider data volume and financial capacity to select the suitable module: larger areas cost more but are cheaper at the final stage. It is advisable to take modules with increased free space for developing projects – it’s cost-effective.

In order to determine the required volume, it is necessary to take into account the available base of the firm and predict potential growth during the year. Some businesses integrate programs that generate a base; the system administrator must calculate productivity – the exact number of content produced. With no experience in calculations, it is advisable to contact a company representative or technical support. A qualified specialist will provide the list of available solutions and help to choose the best one.

Where can you order a storage server?

A client can order from the prominent Ukrainian hosting provider the cheap storage server with a guarantee of full protection against cyber-attacks, and leakage of corporate information. The provider presents four types of platforms to clients – the user can choose the one that meets specific needs. Authorized users will have restricted entrance. The approach simplifies the circulation of content within a local/large-scale network.

The provider offers the hosting of enterprise-level systems. In order to meet the needs of a fast-growing business, the option of scaling the infrastructure was provided by VSYS. It guarantees stable access to the modules and instantly takes action in case of suspicious activity. You can place an order online by contacting company representatives via the feedback form. Advanced technology and the latest methods guarantee the reliability and performance of the modules.


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