Improving Health in Seniors and Older Patients

The health of seniors and older patients can often be overlooked. However, it is vital that health standards and standards of care for those over 60 years of age increase. As patients get older, their needs and requirements for healthcare will differ. If needs are not met, then there will be gaps in the healthcare system that will be hard to fill. So, just how can health be improved in seniors and older patients, and what action needs to be taken?

Why Specialist Healthcare Is Needed

Firstly, it is important to establish why specialist healthcare and treatment are required within senior age groups. It is also important to establish where gaps lie. If the reason behind improving health and healthcare is not established, resources and time will be wasted, and as a result, those in senior age groups could potentially suffer more as a result of failings. To establish what areas of health and healthcare need to focus on, it is important to collate primary and secondary data. This will then give you a broad overview of what areas require the most improvement.

Encourage Lifestyle Changes

As people age, they can tend to pick up bad habits. These bad habits can affect their lifestyle. As a healthcare professional or as a career looking after the elderly and senior patients, it is important that you encourage healthy and positive lifestyle changes where you can. For example, talking about how to eat more healthily and also talking about mental health and wellness are essential. If changes are not brought about or instigated as early on as possible, then you will see a negative impact and ultimate decline in the health of those older and more senior patients.

Learning About Advanced Nursing

Whether you are in a position of caring for senior patients or you are looking at entering this field, it is important to learn about advanced nursing and how it can benefit those in their senior years. Studying an advanced program, such as the UIndy DNP-AGPCNP program can help you understand how to navigate and respond to changes in senior health and care. Advancing your education and studying a focused program will allow you to disseminate information clearly (in regards to senior health and care) and apply it to those in your care or even those in your local community.

How You Can Have an Impact

Leading by example is often a good way to have an impact on the health and care of others. When senior and older patients can see how their lifestyle impacts them and they can see what improvements they need to make, they will then be more receptive and responsive. With your advanced knowledge and increased awareness, you will be able to influence other healthcare professionals, including healthcare leaders. When you are informed, and aware of the health and care seniors and older patients need in place for the future, you can make an impact and have an effect at all possible levels.




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