Sachin Tendulkar Hospitalized after Contracting Coronavirus

Sachin Tendulkar had given a bad news to the cricket fans a few days ago. He was diagnosed with Coronavirus. After informing this last Saturday, the cricketer on Friday said that he was hospitalized for necessary treatment for Covid-19.

In a tweet, Sachin on Friday wrote, “Thank you for your wishes and prayers. As a matter of abundant precaution under medical advice, I have been hospitalised. I hope to be back home in a few days. Take care and stay safe everyone.”

Today is the 10th anniversary of India’s World Cup victory. The Indian batting hero also reminded us of this special day from the hospital. He congratulated his teammates in the World Cup winning team.

Sachin writes, “Today, India won the World Cup 10 years ago. Congratulations to all Indians and my World Cup winning teammates.”

Earlier on last Saturday, Sachin also wrote,”I have been testing myself and taking all the recommended precautions to ensure Covid is kept at bay. However, I have tested positive today following mild symptoms. All others at home have tested negative. I’ve quarantined myself at home and am following all the necessary protocols as advised by my doctors.”

Sachin Tendulkar Tests Positive for Covid-19

Sachin was infected but everyone in his family tested for Covid-19 negative. In a message to everyone he requested to remain careful. 

Sachin Tendulkar has been busy with cricket for a few days amid Coronavirus pandemic. He played in the Road Safety World Series in Raipur, India. The tournament was organized with six countries — India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies and England. But Sachin’s team India legends to beat the Lankans in the final and finally win the title. The Indian star gave the bad news to cricket fans after the great tournament was over.

Bappi Lahiri Tests Covid-19 Positive, Admitted to Hospital

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