Revived Witch CBT Closed – Will It Launches on October?

Yostar Games has announced the release of Revived Witch, an upcoming game title on iOS and Android, in late 2021. Revived Witch is a pixel-art smartphone RPG with anime character styles. Players will start their trip as a witch with a memory loss and travel across parallel universes, striving to unravel the secrets surrounding the significant conflict that almost jeopardized everything.

You’re the leading heroine in Revived Witch, who wakes up in a surreal woodland without any recollection of her being and how she came. Everything you see is a far tower that appears to beckon out to you, and your trip, as you walk in, begins to discover more about yourself and the world around you.

While Amnesia Trope is a pretty popular excuse for the players to explore the world with fresh eyes, in Revived Witch, I did not feel like it was done very well. The main protagonist, it’s only that she is already quite dull, with no personality or conversation of her own.

It is a disgrace to have a dull main character who is not intriguing in a game purported to be narrative-driven. Moreover, if you oppose all the other more colorful and more interstate characters in the gacha pool, she is the first pick to eliminate without hesitation from your party lineup.

By the way, with Dolls (characters you call), you can also grow your devotion and open up their stories. Unfortunately, they are only texts from their history, with no actual sequences, and therefore the question is whether or not it deserves further affection.

Unlike typical pixel art, Revived Witch developers have chosen to spice up and deliver a different gaming experience with the construction of Unity. The characters are both in pixels and 3D, with an immersive weather system, including the surroundings. Players can view the varied lights, shadows, etc., dimensions.

The creators have also put an anime character layout on the Live2D motion character surface to make the characters more lifelike. Players can view a complete rendition of their loving characters using pixel avatars to fight.

Pre-Registration Rewards of Revived Witch:

 The worldwide pre-registration starts at 19:30 UTC-7 on August 23rd, and the players who achieve a given stage in this game receive rewards. Here are the advantages to be expected:

  • Towards ten thousand records – Mana x 150,000 and Stamina Elixir x 2, respectively
  • 30,000 registrants – Soul Cryolite x 5
  • 60,000. registrants — Large Cryolite Soul x 1(ten-time appeals)
  • 100,000 records — The doll of the SSR healer, Hymn-Cynety Warped

How to Pre-Register:

So, how can I register in advance for the game? We’re going to guide you on how to do this. The steps are as follows:

  • To begin with, head over or click here to its official website.
  • You can preview, click on the button “pre-register.”
  • Your email, OS, and code will be asked via the pop-up box.
  • Choose the OS, Android, or iOS for the first time.
  • Then input and click send your email. You will receive a checking code email; you will also attempt a spam check.
  • Copy the code to the code-requesting text box and click Register.
  • Voila, for Revived Witch, you pre-registered. 

Why choose The LDPlayer emulator to play Revived Witch on the computer?

You may know that Revived Witch No PC version exists, even though the game is on a rising market. You can use the LDPlayer emulator to get Revived Witch on your computer for free. You may download several popular Android games on your computer using this LDPlayer emulator. The LDPlayer emulator has been designated the most acceptable emulator worldwide for apps and games.

In addition, using LDPlayer, you will have a terrific experience playing Revived Witch. Let us analyze why it is better to play on a mobile phone using an emulator. You see, most mobile phones are not competent, as they are costly and not affordable to anyone. The LDPlayer is a free emulator that allows you to play on your computer for mobile games.

On the other side of the mobile phone, your phone regularly heats up. The modules of your weighty smartphone are frequently heated by turmoil. If you are willing to take a chance, you can continue. On the other hand, the use of the LDPlayer Emulator solves all your problems. Your computer can cool down more efficiently than the heat can be disposed of on your mobile phone.

Finally, it is much better to play on a computer/laptop than to play on a mobile phone. As mobile phones have smaller screens than desktops, your game needs a more prominent display. It is considerably quicker and easier to play on a computer/laptop than on a mobile device. Instead of playing on your tiny mobile phone, you’ll prefer Revived Witch to your computer.

How to Download Revived Witch using The LDPlayer emulator?

To download Revived Witch, take the following steps to start:

  • Official web website to download the LDPlayer emulator.
  • Download the official website LDPlayer emulator.
  • You can start by creating one if you have no already existing Gmail account; log in to it when you already have a Gmail account.
  • Go to the LD Store and look for Revived Witch in one of the other three shops.
  • You can download Revived Witch on your computer after locating it.
  • Lastly, the official Revived Witch version may be downloadable, and its APK file can be placed in the LDPlayer emulator.


The LDPlayer emulator is a great emulator to run mobile games on your PC efficiently. You can enjoy several other characteristics apart from gameplay. Moreover, computer games have always been considered superior and much easier for gamblers than a mobile phone because larger screens make it more convenient for gambling on a personal computer than on a cell phone.

This makes it possible for computers to run complex games rather than cellphones. The LDPlayer emulator must be downloaded on your PC first. Then, from the three storefronts, you can find Revived Witch or any other game. Try to get the game, download the LDPlayer emulator and play it. This is useful. You can visit the official LDPlayer emulator website for more information about the game.

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