Unlocking the Secrets of the Research Labs In Starfield

In Starfield, you’re stepping into a universe that’s as intriguing as it is perilous. Trust me, you’ll want to make the Research Lab your second home.

Because upgrading your gear and spacesuit is a must if you’re to stand a chance against the formidable Crimson Fleet, unforgiving planetary conditions, or—let’s just get it out there—the downright terrifying Terrormorphs.

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So, as you jet-set across the galaxy, grab every resource and scrap of material you come across. The Research Lab isn’t just for show—it’s your ticket to crafting everything from new outpost structures to weapon mods. In a world this dangerous, knowledge truly is power.

What Is the Purpose of the Research Lab?

Before you start adding lasers to your weapons or whipping up a meatloaf at the Cooking Station, you’ll need to head to the Research Lab first. That’s where you unlock the crafting recipes for all these cool projects. So whether it’s tech upgrades or comfort food you’re after, the Research Lab is your starting point for all things crafty.

The Research Lab is divided into five research categories:

  • Pharmacology
  • Food And Drink
  • Outpost Development
  • Equipment
  • Weaponry

Each category in the Research Lab comes with its own set of research projects, all listed right there on the main menu. When you’re just starting out, you’ll have access to all the basic, level-one projects—provided you’ve gathered enough resources, of course. But if you’re looking to tackle the more advanced stuff, you’ll need to level up your skills first. So keep honing your abilities if you want to dive into those higher-level projects.

How to Use The Research Lab?

If you want to finish a research project, you’ll need to drop off some resources and materials at the Research Lab. Keep in mind, once you deposit those items, they’re gone for good—they’ll be used up in the research process. So, let’s say you’ve got a hankering to whip up some Meatloaf. You’d need to tackle the ‘Old Earth Cuisine’ level-one project first. That means handing over specific items to the Research Lab to get the ball rolling.

  • Bread
  • Red Meat
  • Cheese

After you’ve finished a research project, you’re all set to make that item at the right crafting station—for our example, you could head to the Cooking Station to make some mouthwatering Meatloaf. Just a heads-up: the more advanced the research project, the more stuff you’ll need to cough up for the Research Lab. So be prepared to part with even more resources as you tackle trickier projects.

Overflow of Research Progress Explained

Here’s a cool perk: when you dump a bunch of resources into a project, you might hit a “Sudden Development,” which scores you some bonus materials. Heck, if you’re really lucky, this Research Overflow could even wrap up the whole project for you. That’s why it’s a smart move to unload materials you’ve got plenty of. You never know—you might be able to use those extras to make up for other stuff you’re short on.

How to Boost Research Lab Efficiency?

True to Bethesda form, Starfield comes with a skill tree that’s jam-packed with options to level up your character. And yes, the Research Lab gets in on the action too. Take the Research Methods skill, for instance—it’s a starting-level science skill that cuts down on how many resources you need for each project.

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This skill has four ranks to climb, and each one boosts the skill’s effectiveness. But here’s the catch: you’ve got to beat a specific challenge for each rank before you can cash in a skill point to unlock it. So, get ready to earn your stripes!

Innovative Research Projects

Not every project in the Research Lab is just there for the taking. You’ve got to unlock some with specific skills. For example, if you’re eyeing those locked-away experimental projects or you’re itching to craft some really out-there gear, you’ll need the Special Projects skill. You can find that gem under the Master Science skill tree.

Now, if you’re more of a foodie type and want to whip up some unique eats and drinks, look no further than the Gastronomy skill. That one’s tucked under the Novice Social skills tree.

And hey, don’t rush when picking your character’s background. It might just fast-track you to some really cool research projects. So take your time and choose wisely!

Where to Find Research Labs?

You’ll be happy to know Research Labs are pretty much everywhere in the galaxy. Seriously, they’re as common as coffee shops on Earth. You even get your very own Research Lab right on your ship, so you’re always just a few steps away from science-y goodness. If you’re out exploring, you’ll also find them in big places like the bustling city of New Atlantis and even in some tucked-away spots on far-off planets.

Need a home base? Check out the Constellation Lodge. Your room comes with an endlessly spacious safe, perfect for hoarding—er, I mean, storing—all your precious materials. As Walter Stroud says, the Lodge has every crafting station you could dream of, and yup, that includes a Research Lab. So you’re set!


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