Press-Release Distribution – Learn the Benefits Before Getting It Done

A press release mostly gets used as a public relations tool. Usually, most companies opt-in to share crucial updates about their brand with the media and their target audience. A press release helps a company gain the desired recognition, brand reputation and image, and also customer goodwill. As a result, today, most brands and businesses, big or small, are investing in high-end press release generation and distribution to effective channels.

Today, various service providers and platforms welcome press-release submission to allow your brand to get the necessary mileage out of it. GetFeatured offering a press syndication service is a reliable source that you can check. You can consider the following pointers if you are in two minds about distributing your press release.

Distributing press-release can help you to:

1. Communicate with your target audience

Today, press releases provide an efficient way to reach your target consumers. The impact, which a press release has is directly linked with the newsworthiness of your brand. And since you will have something authentic to share in an original style, it doesn’t feel similar to an advertisement. Interacting with the target audience through online and print media can permanently impact your brand recognition. When the readers see your name at a portal that publishes relevant news, it adds to your entire brand recognition.

2. Have an advertisement value

The online and print media can sustain its presence via relations, ads, and advertisers. An organization, individual or an institution usually requires an ad to get featured in blogs, newspapers, news sites, and magazines. A press release can possess an advertisement effect, rather indirectly. The principal difference between an advertisement and a press release is that the latter costs less.

3. Garner recognition and search engine optimization

The press release gets created by considering the SEO criteria so that your brand appears in the online searches. The amount of coverage that you get with a press release in the online news portals will add to your recognition in the search engines. Also, the press releases that comprise targeted keywords assist SEO initiatives. The brand name arrives in online searches when you implement daily media communications. Hence, when you curate an SEO-friendly press release it maximizes your website traffic as well.

4. Get a favorable image, reliability, and good reputation

The news stories that get covered by popular publications can develop trust within the target audience. And when there are more such press releases, it adds to your brand reputation and recognition to enhance your overall brand image. People in your industry vertical start to identify you in a new light.

Last but not least, a press release acts as an effective branding tool. When the news stories get published in social media, newspapers, blogs, news sites, and magazines, it positively impacts your brand reputation and reliability. It helps to position yourself better in the industry and other business circles. Even the audience and others have a better perception of you. It also gives momentum to your media communications. These are some of the reasons for which you should opt-in for effective press-release dissemination.


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