The Popularity of Nail Estheticians and Other New Nail Technicians

In the current challenging economic climate that we are presently residing in, an increasing number of nail techs are coming to the realisation that fifty per cent of twenty dollars is not enough to cover their expenses. This basic manicure is just too basic in this day and age when more and more customers are opting for natural nail care and avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, such as those found in acrylic and/or gel nail polish. When you walk into your nail salon or spa, it is becoming increasingly probable that your nail technician will be waxing and giving you a facial at the same time that they are soaking your hands and feet in preparation for a manicure or pedicure. The nail techs are going back to school to refresh their knowledge of waxing procedures and skin care.

Spending over $100 in less than an hour on services like a full Brazilian bikini wax, customised eyebrow shaping, eyelash tinting, and a mani and Pedi on top of it all! The nail estheticians’ appointment books are full, and they are spending more time with each customer, which increases the likelihood that the customer will become a repeat customer. You may now discover assistance needed advertising demanding that nail techs must also know how to perform waxing or that aestheticians know how to do manis and pedis. Both of these positions are becoming increasingly common. Aniko Salon in Chicago has taken advantage of this trend by recruiting estheticians who are also qualified to perform nail technician work. It is the pinnacle of service for customers to interact with only one technician, which in turn makes it possible for the technician to get a larger tip. More and more salons and spas now offer full services that can be done by a single technician.

Prices for basic manicures started to remain the same as we moved toward a more “go green” atmosphere, and as our customers became increasingly aware that harsh chemicals were no longer required to make their nails look nice, we were able to stop raising them. Nail techs need to be creative in order to upgrade services such as spa packages with signature scrubs, paraffin treatments, mani or Pedi flex, or ask customers if they would like to add a mani to their “just” Pedi service or a Pedi to their “just” mani service for pennies on the dollar. These upgrades can help nail techs make more money.

It is necessary for aestheticians to go back to school in order to obtain a licence to practise nail technology, and the same is true for nail technicians who want to practise skin care. Aestheticians specialise in skin care but are not the same as dermatologists or nail technicians. If a nail tech’s only licence allows them to do nail services, you should not let them trim your hair. In the state of Illinois, a licenced cosmetologist has the ability to work on skin, nails, and/or hair provided that she has further training or experience beyond what she received in school.

As a growing number of baby boomers and women, in general, pay greater attention to the appearance of their skin, the beauty business is shifting its focus more and more toward skin care. Medical manicurists are slowly but definitely becoming more prevalent, and an increasing number of aestheticians are collaborating closely with dermatologists in order to boost both of their incomes. Dermologica is a well-known brand of skin care products that can be found in many beauty schools. These products are also widely used in spas and salons, where students continue their studies after graduation. There are many more skincare brands that are of high quality, and nail technicians and/or aestheticians should go back to school to get licenced so that they may study the minors, such as facial mapping and/or the numerous conditions that might affect the nails.

Waxing generates a significant amount of revenue for salons and spas since an increasing number of men are opting to wax their faces rather than shave them. This is due to the fact that waxing removes facial hair for a significantly longer period of time than shaving does. Therefore, nail technicians should not let their love of providing manis and pedis steer them away from becoming nail estheticians to increase their income. Instead, they should simply jump on board with the growing trend of becoming nail estheticians as more and more nail estheticians are entering the market and our clients become more aware of environmentally eco-friendly products and move away from harsh, smelly chemicals.

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