Pele Health Update: Family Remains at Hospital as Condition Worsens

Pele, a football legend who is 82 years old, is now unable to keep up due to deteriorating health. In a touching message, Kely Nascimento, who frequently updates followers on Pele’s condition, expressed thanks to the hospital workers who were caring for her ailing father and wrote: “Even in sadness we can only be thankful.”

After complaining of chest and respiratory issues on November 29, Pele was taken to the hospital for “re-evaluation of the chemotherapy treatment for his colon cancer, which was initially detected in September 2021. Even though he had received “all doses” of the vaccination, his daughter Nascimento posted on social media that the former Santos player had developed COVID-19. She added in a post that he became more weak as a result of his treatment and then developed a lung infection.

Due to Pele’s health, his daughter recently used social media to express gratitude to all of the admirers for showing their support for the great sports figure “in these tough hours.”

The Brazilian newspaper Folha de S. Paulo had stated last weekend that Pele’s chemotherapy was not working during the final days of last week and physicians had opted to place him on palliative care, but the family refuted the accusations. Pele, who still holds the record for most goals scored by the Brazilian national team with 77, guided Brazil to victories in the 1958, 1962, and 1970 World Cups. During the most recent World Cup, Neymar tied Pele’s record.

The 82-year-old Brazilian football star has being treated for cancer at Sao Paulo’s Albert Einstein hospital since the end of November. According to the Associated Press, he had a colon tumor removed in September 2021, but neither his family nor the hospital have stated whether it had spread to other organs.

One day after he held a press conference to deny going to see his father in the hospital, Edinho, one of Pele’s kids, visited him. Only doctors, according to Edinho, who works for a soccer team in southern Brazil, could assist his father. A few hours later, the former Santos goalie uploaded a photo of himself holding his father’s hand. Pelé’s son replied, “Dad… my strength is yours.”

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