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Coronavirus: No Certainty of Oxford Vaccine Roll-out this Year

A coronavirus vaccine, developed by researchers at Oxford University, has initially shown that it is safe and has induced immune response. But according to the researchers, it is uncertain whether it will come this year.

Professor Dr. Sarah Gilbert, chief of the research team, revealed the information on Tuesday (21 July, 2020). The vaccine could be made available for use later this year, she said. However, it is uncertain whether the vaccine will be used this year, according to a report of Reuters.

Sarah Gilbert told the BBC that they need three things to happen to make the vaccine usable. The first one is in the final stage of trial, the second is to manufacture the vaccine in large quantities. The third is — the regulatory agencies need to be licensed very quickly for emergency use.

The final stage of the vaccine trials is being tested in Brazil and South Africa. There is also dialogue of a trial in the United States.

There is no approved vaccine to control Covid-19 pandemic yet. However, World Health Organization (WHO) says, the vaccine developed by the University of Oxford is on the right track to fight against coronavirus, which is becoming effective fully.

About Oxford’s Coronavirus Vaccine:

The researchers said the vaccine is safe to manage humans’ immunity that will boost the immune system. However, more trials are needed to declare it completely safe.

Initially, the vaccine was tested to 1,007 people by injection. It has been appeared that the vaccine helps in producing antibodies and white blood cells, which can develop an effective immunity system against coronavirus.

This invention is incredible in the world history of vaccines’ development. Researchers at University of Oxford have developed the vaccine by genetically modifying a virus responsible for the common cold-cough in Chimpanzees.

It is primarily proved that the vaccine would not cause any infection in the human body. The virus has been genetically modified to transform into a new virus with features close to the novel coronavirus.

It is basically a bacterium similar to coronavirus; but not capable of infecting the human body. Therefore, it will help train the body’s immune system on how to fight coronavirus disease.

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