“Order Dissertation Like We Order Pizza” All I Wished During the Time I was Doing My Dissertation

If I were given the job of creating a list of the most challenging things to do in the world. I would write ‘writing a dissertation at the top of the list. Whether it is an undergraduate, master’s, or Ph.D. dissertation, some aspects of these academic writings make it a challenging task. Not only is it challenging because you have to squeeze all of your skills and knowledge that you have gained in all these years, but also because it can be very challenging psychologically for some students like me. I have always been bad at stress management and writing skills, so yes, it was a real challenge for me. 

Realizing that it will probably be the most critical academic paper I have ever written was increasing the stress burden on me and that my degree will depend on that made it more hassle for me. What could happen in the worst scenario? You are afraid to fail, so you keep focusing on the insignificant things that make you distracted from the important ones. It happened to me. 

Writing a dissertation for your degree is a task that will take many months of tireless efforts and a lot of hard work. The sheer volume of writing that is required to pen a dissertation is in itself a huge challenge, at least for me. Then if I considered the quality of writing, it scared me more. But I was sure that not everyone could write perfectly and professionally. Many face issues in getting adequate time to write. In this case, many students search for help, so did I. 

I was in dire need of help. I asked for help from many of my friends and some experienced people from my family, but unfortunately, some of them didn’t have the experience in my subject area, or some didn’t have time to help. I was constantly searching for one. Then I decided to take professional help from writing services; when I started searching for some reliable one, I realized maybe it was not my cup of tea. At first, the services that I encountered were way too expensive and out of my budget. As I supported myself by working hard at my job in the evening and studying in the morning. It was pretty tricky for me to manage my time for the dissertation and my pocket. All I wanted was to get the dissertation as easily as I get a pizza.

But at last, after a lot of searching, I finally got the one that was pocket-friendly for me. And after finding an affordable dissertation service for myself, I felt like someone had got my back, and now my degree is safe!

And because of my thrilling experience, I wanted to give hope to everyone out there who feels themselves drowning in a dissertation. 


Many areas in writing and research may require some extra help. And I don’t find anything wrong in seeking help. It will always benefit you in all the ways possible. They helped me select a dissertation topic that I was super confused about. But when you seek help from experienced people, they have solutions to every problem on their tongue tip. I also got the resource for my literature review and initial research because I could not figure out where to start from. I also made sections of my research paper which helped me amazingly get the things sorted, making it easier for me. 

I always thought that cheap dissertation services would never be helpful as they might be a scam. But luckily, it not the case for me. I somehow managed to find the best affordable dissertation writing service. 


I can say I was in the same boat. I couldn’t satisfy myself when taking any help because, of course, my degree was based on it. But I can now guide students on how to fulfill themselves while getting any service. You can always get high-quality dissertation writing by any service. It’s just up to you how you demand it to be.

  • Plagiarism is the foremost thing that needs to be checked. Not giving the due references can open a lot of doors for criticism and cause difficulty for you. Always check and ask for a plagiarism report to ensure that your writing is original and does not contain any copied content. 
  • Proofread it thoroughly just like you proofread your grocery list to not spend extra money. Ensure that it has the same academic standard as your institute and professors. And also, make sure that they are error-free.
  • Before you order dissertation and making any deal, make sure that you take a guarantee of free revisions and good formatting according to your writing styles. Everyone has their own writing style, and the professors can detect it if it’s not yours because you have been studying under them for years now. 
  • Check for their writer’s profile. Most of the writing services have amateur inexperienced content writers hiding behind the digital curtains who are only interested in conning the students and ripping their pockets off.
  • Ensure that they are willing to deliver your work on time and will not cause you any penalties on late submission. You can also check their reviews from genuine customers for surety. 
  • Keep a constant check on them, if they are doing your work or not or if they are doing it according to you or not. Take regular reports from them. Make yourself available for them around the clock so that if they need any queries, they can contact you so that your work doesn’t get delayed. 


Don’t think. Get one. Most dissertation writing services will not be much transparent to you, but you are paying them, and you have every right to ask as many questions as you want. Ask them everything you doubt about before buying dissertations online. Give it some time, and you can also find high-quality professionals writing services just like me and save your efforts and money. 

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