National Geographic Magazine Lays Off Last Staff Writers

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The National Geographic magazine, which was founded in 1888, reportedly lay off the last of its staff writers on Wednesday. According to the Washington Post, the magazine that brought readers the finest of science and nature in its famous yellow-bordered monthly periodical will also go out of print next year.

According to reports and tweets from several editorial staff members, the publication let go of 19 writers in total.

Craig A Welch, a senior writer at National Geographic, shared on Twitter that his latest feature article, which is his 16th, has been included in the recently received issue of National Geographic. However, he also revealed that this would be his final piece as a senior writer because the magazine is laying off all of its staff writers. Welch expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to collaborate with incredible journalists and to have the privilege of telling significant global stories. He considered it an honor to have been part of National Geographic.

Nina Strochlic, the magazine’s writer and editor, also turned to Twitter to announce the employment losses. “It’s been an incredible run, @NatGeo. “My colleagues and I were extremely fortunate to be the final-ever class of staff writers,” she wrote.

In an effort to reduce costs, the parent company Disney has implemented a second round of job cuts at National Geographic magazine. The publication has undergone numerous editorial changes due to various ownership transitions since 2015, including the removal of six senior editors in September, as reported by The Guardian.

These layoffs have also impacted the magazine’s relationships with several photographers who have contributed to its visually captivating storytelling. According to the Washington Post, National Geographic will now rely on freelance writers to assemble its content, with the assistance of its remaining editors, going forward.

CNN was assured in a statement that the editorial reorganization would not affect the integrity of its monthly publications. “Staffing changes will not affect our ability to perform this work; rather, they will provide us with greater flexibility to convey a variety of stories and meet our audiences on all of our platforms. “Any insinuation that the recent changes will have a negative effect on the magazine or the quality of our narratives is simply false,” the statement read.

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