Mover Jobs in Waco Texas

Finding a good-paying job can seem like a tall task for some. Whether you are looking for a career, or just a summer job during college, finding a workplace that not only matches your values but also values you as an employee can seem like finding a needle in a haystack. If you are looking for a job with a moving company in Waco, TX, consider working with one of the many local moving companies in the area.

Working for a moving company requires a great deal of heavy lifting but the hard work pays off. Not only will you build muscle and get in shape when you start working as a mover in Waco, but you will also get paid a substantial amount. The average mover in Texas makes over $18 per hour. If you are okay with heavy lifting and working weekends from time to time, working as a mover can be quite lucrative. 

Continue reading below to find out more about finding a mover job in Waco, TX.

What is it like to work as a mover in Waco, TX?

When you get a job as a mover in Waco, TX you will spend a majority of your time executing moves for homeowners and businesses in the area. This includes packing boxes, carrying furniture, carrying boxes, loading, and unloading trucks, and also unpacking everything once it arrives at the client’s new home. 

At times working as a mover can be hard, sweaty, work but many employees at local moving companies in Waco, TX would argue that the pay is more than worth the work. When payday comes around, all of the achy muscles will be worth it.

Sometimes if you are working a long-distance move you will be required to travel to unload the moving truck at its destination. In some cases, you may be working an out-of-state move and get an opportunity to spend the night depending on which moving company you work for. 

There are a lot of different steps in the moving process that must get checked off the list. This is why people are willing to pay top dollar for an experienced moving company to mitigate the stress associated with executing a flawless move. 

Again if you are not opposed to being on your feet all day and heavy lifting, working as a mover is a great entry-level job that pays well and is also a great summer job for college/ high school students. 

How much do movers get paid in Waco, TX?

For most people, money is the biggest motivator in their job. When someone is considering working as a full-time or part-time mover, the first question that comes into their mind is “how much do movers get paid?” 

Typically movers are paid on an hourly basis as opposed to a salary. There may be a few odd cases where crew leaders or managers earn a salary but for the most part, the average mover will be paid by the hour. The average hourly pay rate for a mover in the state of Texas is over $18 per hour. Some moving companies pay more and others pay less but this is more or less what you can expect to make as a mover in Waco, TX. 

Do I need the experience to become a mover? 

While experience is always a plus, most movers are trained on the job. Most moving companies will pair a new employee up with an experienced team member who will teach them how to properly package belongings and make sure that they are protected from damage during transportation. 

The bottom line is no you do not need to have experience as a mover to land a job as a mover. Most moving companies will be more than happy to train you. As long as you are on time and willing to work, you will be welcomed by most moving companies. 

How to apply for a job as a mover in Waco, TX

If you want to get a job as a mover in Waco, TX you are in luck. Most moving companies are constantly hiring new employees to help out with moves. Whether you are looking for a part-time mover job or a full-time mover job, pretty much any moving company in the Waco area would be more than happy to interview you and see if you are a good fit for their crew. One of the most reputable moving companies in Waco is A King’s Sons Moving Company.

They offer comprehensive moving services including both local and long-distance moves. If you do a quick Google search for movers in Waco you will be able to find quite a few different moving companies that you can reach out to and inquire about job opportunities that may become available. Send them a kind message and let them know that you are interested in working as a mover in Waco. 

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