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6 Things You Can Do to Make Your Dog Happy

When you are considering having a pet in your life, one of the best companions you could own is a dog. These animals are one of the most loyal and playful pets you could ever have. But getting a pet is a lot of responsibility, with different aspects to ensure that your dog has good well-being and is happy to be your pet.

A happy dog tends to be more playful and loving towards its owner, which is why you need to keep them in this state. This article will discuss six things that can help make your dog happy.

1. Always Train With Your Dog

After you teach your dog the basic commands, like sit and stay, it can be common for pet owners to stop giving their dogs more training sessions. Instead of stopping training entirely, try to find new tricks and commands to teach your dog so you can always have training sessions with them. Training is a great way to challenge your dog’s brain in a fun and entertaining method.

When training your dog, it is important to use positive reinforcement to excite and encourage them to learn new behaviors and tricks. Besides that, training can also help remove your dog’s confusion and frustration because they can understand what you want from them better. More importantly, training lets you give them undivided attention, which dogs love.

2. Give Your Dog Chew Toys and Edibles

One of the common instincts that dogs have is to chew and destroy things during their pastime. Destroying things like toys is their method of having a fun experience and releasing their canine instincts. Instead of letting your dog destroy your furniture, provide them with safe chew toys and treats they will enjoy biting and chewing.

When searching for toys to purchase, try to find stronger products like toys with no stuffing so they can last longer during your dog’s chew time. Since their chewing behavior is natural, giving your dog plenty of chewing options is important, so you should stock up on chew toys and edibles.

To make this a more exciting activity for them, try different kinds of chew toys, such as kongs, which can be filled up with dog treats. As a pet owner, regularly buy dog supplies to ensure that there is always an availability of chew toys and treats at home to keep your dog happy.

3. Always Praise Your Dog for Good Behavior

An important element in keeping your dog happy is having a positive relationship with them. In having a positive relationship, one of the best ways to show your dog that you adore and appreciate them is through praise. Dogs love it when their owner gives them plenty of praise, whether it is verbal or physical. It is also important when doing positive reinforcement training.

Since dogs are friendly and love interacting with others, they enjoy positive interactions with their owners. You can form a healthy bond with your dog through constant praise and rewards, leading to better loyalty and obedience. Even after your dog has passed their puppy phase, try to keep your praises constant so your dog can always be satisfied and happy.

4. Try Giving Your Dog Chores and Jobs

Some dog breeds were originally bred to do specific tasks, like hunting, guarding, retrieving, and herding, so it is their instinct to help their owner do tasks. Give your dog certain household chores to help them channel and maintain their energy. A task can allow them to redirect their large energy into something more productive, which they can thoroughly enjoy.

You can give your dog tasks such as fetching your newspaper and other items, throwing the trash into the trash bin, putting their toys into their basket, and closing doors. Aside from that, plenty of tasks can keep your dog busy and happy. Dogs love the feeling of being useful, so always remember to give them something they can help with.

5. Let Your Dog Swim

Some dogs love playing with water, and if your dog is one of them, one of the best ways to keep them happy is to take them somewhere to swim. Even for humans, swimming is an enjoyable activity. So for dogs with tons of energy, swimming is a perfect activity to have fun and exercise. This is especially true for older dogs with joint issues since swimming can be a great exercise.

If it is your dog’s first time swimming, you should let them take it slow when going into the water so that they can get used to it. Let them wear a dog life jacket if you are going to take them to a deeper portion of the water so that they have extra protection.

6. Maintain Your Dog’s Cleanliness

Another aspect that can help your dog’s happiness is to keep them comfortable. In keeping your dog comfortable, you have to maintain your dog’s cleanliness and groom them properly. Dogs can be more comfortable when their coats are properly brushed and free from any sign of matting that can be painful.

Having a properly brushed dog can help remove tangling, which can also help your dog easily eliminate its waste. Besides your dog’s fur, keep your pet’s toenails trimmed so they can move easier and comfortably. Lastly, give your dog a haircut that keeps their hair at their face short so that you can prevent eye damage and they can have full vision.

Always Keep Your Dog Happy

As a dog owner, you must give your pets the best life. You can do this by providing them with love and care through actions that can help their well-being. These tips are important aspects of maintaining your dog’s happiness. You will have the most loyal and loving pet if you can provide them regularly.








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